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Please note that Bunwell Parish Council have decided to stop publishing information on the Community Website. We who run the Bunwell Community web site see this as negative step.

Despite the explanation given in the Parish Council statement there is no directive for a parish council to maintain its own website. As long as information is available as it has been on the Bunwell Community site for many years, it more than satisfies the transparency requirements of the council.

By setting up an alternative site the Parish Council has reduced their transparency to the community. The current site is well established and by being linked to the Bunwell Community Facebook page has a proven following of over 300 parishioners who are informed once information is available . Their new web site does not have this facility and appears low down in any search engines.

The Bunwell Community Website has repeatedly offered to work with the council over many years to ensure their information is presented in a format they are happy with. Despite this they have made the decision to no longer publish information on this facility. Unfortunately the Parish Council has shown its inability to work with local groups.

Wherever possible we will and keep you updated with Parish Council news.