Potholes and Ice in and around Bunwell - Beware

During the past week we have seen some concerning road incidents involving residents of Bunwell and I have written to Norfolk County Council highlighting the locations in the hope they can assist us.

The first was an exceptionally large pothole on the Wattlefield Road, just after Potters Lane when going to Wymondham. It is large and deep (circa 4 inches) and a number of us have wrecked wheels and tyres as a result. When flooded, it’s covered. It has been reported to Highways as urgent and while it hadn’t been sorted yesterday I’m hoping it will be very quickly. 

The other concern is the sharp ‘S’ bend at the end of Mile Road as you leave Bunwell driving to Attleborough/Wymondham. On Monday morning it was very icy and a Bunwell resident lost control and crashed the car. We have seen this before at this sharp bend and have requested NCC to include this section of road on the gritting route although such requests must follow a process.

Therefore, please be very careful during your travels if of course the journey is essential.

To Report a Pothole go to 

Cllr Phil Gledhill