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PUBLIC ACCESS Defibrillators in Bunwell

Information updated May 2019

Bunwell Parish Council, with generous support from the British Heart Foundation, Waitrose, SNC and donations, has purchased four defibrillators for use in Bunwell and the surrounding area.

They are available for use by anyone at any time if someone has had a heart attack (cardiac arrest)

 The Defibrillators are not yet known to Ambulance Dispatch and in the event of an emergency dial 999

You will need to unlock the cabinet in which they are stored using the codes below

Each defibrillator can be used on either an adult or a child and will talk you through the way to use it once it has been turned on. They are ‘fail-safe’ as they analyse the patient’s condition before administering the required shock.

You must contact the ambulance service (who will then dispatch an ambulance and provide support to you as you use the defibrillator) before or when you collect one.

This table shows where they are installed:

1. Outside Headteacher’s office at Bunwell Primary School on the Old Turnpike

Key Code : 1953

2. Outside Office at Carleton Rode Primary School opposite the Church.

Key Code : 1953

3. At the telephone kiosk opposite the village shop on Bunwell Street. (Key Code is 1953)

4. In the Telephone Kiosk on The Turnpike in the layby approx. 400 yards from the Village Hall. Key Code: C1267

A registration process in underway and once completed the defibrillators will be part of a network known to the emergency services. When that has been achieved a notice will be placed on this website and in the parish newsletter.

The Parish Council also has a full training kit to help people learn how to use them and what to do in case of a heart attack.  Contact the Parish Clerk on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and to book a training session for your organisation.