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Sept 2013 Draft Minutes


The Parish Council Office, The Old Turnpike, Bunwell, Norwich, NR16 1SN

Chairman : W F Easton,

Tel : 01953 789 334

e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clerk : Miss Sara Campbell,

Tel : 01953 861486

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Cllrs. Present: Chair Cllr W F Easton, Cllr P D Clarke, Cllr M H Dávila-Smith, Cllr Mrs Denise Harrison, Cllr R F Kemp, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr K J Womack and Cllr R F Smith



In attendance: County & District Cllr B Spratt, Sara Campbell (Clerk), and 6 members of the public


1. 1 To welcome the new Clerk and RFO – Cllr Easton opened the meeting by introducing the new Clerk & RFO Sara Campbell, who gave a brief introduction to herself to the meeting.

2. 2 To receive apologies for absence – None

3. 3 To receive declarations of interest from members in any item to be discussed – None.

4. 4 To adopt the minutes of the council meeting on 5 August 2013 - The minutes of the meeting (pages 1 - 3) on 5 August 2013, previously circulated to all members were unanimously agreed and signed by the Chair.

5. 5 To discuss matters arising from the minutes:

a:  Update on Defibrillator

Cllr J Pennell updated the council on the current position, there is a locked defibrillator in Tacolneston which on speaking to the Ambulance Service can only be used if the emergency call is made within  ½ a mile of the defibrillator.   Austhorpe Nursing Home will allow a defibrillator to be installed on the wall in the home, if the funds are available to purchase one.  The Heartbeat Trust will fund all but £400.00 of the cost of an unlocked defibrillator.  Additional costs will be a cabinet and training.

Cllr Pennell has contacted Forncett Parish Council Chairman and Clerk who will discuss.

Cllr Pennell has also spoken to the Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board regarding funding this is unlikely.

Derek Allnutt has so far raised £100 selling plants outside his house.

As the Council has no power for this expenditure it can be purchased under Section 137 as it is for the good of all parishioners.

Cllr Pennell asked for a commitment from the Council to continue with this project.  It was unanimously agreed to support this.

6. 6 Adjourn the meeting to allow public to raises issues of concern – the meeting was adjourned at 7.50 pm.

a. Parishioners’ Questions, Comments or Concerns:

One Parishioner was concerned that recently the Agendas had been late being displayed on the noticeboard on Low Common and the August Agenda had not been displayed at all.  The Clerk confirmed that the Agenda must be displayed 3 clear days before a meeting not including Sundays or Public Holidays therefore, for a Monday meeting the Agenda must be displayed the previous Wednesday.  The Clerk assured them that this would be the case from now on.

The Parishioner then asked about the six Planning Applications agreed at the meeting in August, Cllr Pennell responded that these were retrospective applications for garden extensions in The Street.

It was also asked about the Parish Lighting requirements – Cllr Easton updated the public on the requirements of the parish to only allow lights which shine inside the boundaries of the related property.

Two parishioners raised issues concerning the skip and rubbish at 5 Greenways.  The tenant does not live there.  They have raised this with Saffron Housing and they have had no satisfactory response so are now appealing to the Parish Council. Clerk will write to Saffron Housing.

Greenways Lane is not a footpath but rather a byway, however, it does need clearing.  It was agreed to add this to the Highway Rangers list for their imminent visit.

One parishioner wished to voice their concerns over the adding of Bunwell Assets to the Asset Register (Agenda Item 14).  He felt this was very dangerous and was not good for the village, as it would affect the financial outcome in many situations, if there was a lodged “First Refusal” on parish assets.  Cllr Pennell offered reassurance that he understands if there is a proven financial loss the District Council will pay.

7. 7. Report from District & County Councillor – Cllr Spratt reported that the Better Broadband project will be completed by 2015.  There will be no slippage in Norfolk, but there will be the odd dead spot.

The Norfolk County Council Budget Deficit is £189 million.  A significant amount has been spent on improving Children’s Services.

An extra £2 million has been added to the cost of the NNDR Norwich Northern Distributor Road. This will benefit this area as it is hoped to be accessible from the Watton Road.

Re-convene the meeting – the meeting was re-convened at 8.05 pm.

8. 8. To receive and discuss correspondence:

Norse – quote received for :

The remainder of 2013 – cut bund £50.00 + VAT, cut and strim along safety path between play and gym equipment £107 + VAT.

2014 – cut bund twice £100 + VAT, cut and strim along safety path between play and gym equipment (8 cuts between March – October) £286 + VAT

Cllr Easton thanked Cllr Pennell for strimming the safety path, it is no longer necessary to undertake the 2013 cuts but proposed that the council accept the quote for 2014.  This was unanimously agreed.

NALC Link – Cllr Pennell pointed out to the council two adverts which are of interest to the parish.  One a survey on mobile phone coverage at www.routemetrics.com/uk/  and for a Waste Event at www.norfolk.gov.uk/hazardouswaste

SNDC - Receipt for Recycling Adopter Payment

Norfolk County Council – advance notice of the 2014/5 Budget Consultation commencing in September and a need to save £142 million.

Cllr Pennell informed the Council that the A11 will be closed at the weekends during October at the Fiveways Roundabout at Barton Mills.

9. 9. To receive a report on police and crime issues:  No crimes reported for the month of August 2013.

10. 10. To receive the Tree Wardens report:  Nothing to report.

After ten years as Tree Warden – David Westrup would like to step down.  The council gave a round of applause to thank David for all his work.

Clerk to advertise in the Parish Magazine for a new Tree Warden

11. 11. To receive the Footpath Wardens report:  Cllr Spreadbury the Footpath Warden assisted by Tom Brewster & Cllr Smith held a working party in August and replaced 6 missing posts and 2 broken signs, and put the new Dog Bin up.  The Dog Bin at the end of Greenways Lane is full and over-flowing.  Clerk to contact South Norfolk Council to arrange for the two dog bins to be regularly emptied.

The warden continue to receive complaints concerning blocked footpaths crossing through growing rape crops and the reluctance of one farmer to spray or cut the crop to enable the footpaths to be used.  It was discussed and agreed that next year, farmers whose fields include footpaths through growing crops should be reminded by the Footpath Warden in the spring to spary/cut the relevant footpaths.

Cllr Pennell asked if the Footpath Warden could erect the No Dog Signs – Cllr Spreadbury agreed if shown where they need to go.

Cllr Easton updated the Council on his response to the letter received from Derek Fripp concerning the height of the grass on the footpaths on field margins, he replied that although not a responsibility of the Parish Council the Council are looking to purchase a machine to undertake this work.  Cllr Pennell suggested this could be a consideration for the Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board to purchase as part of the “Make our surroundings a nicer place to live”


12. 12 To receive the Children’s Play Area report:  Cllr Spreadbury will undertake a Play Area check in October.

a. To review outcome of accident on Gym Equipment – Cllr Pennell has reported the incident to the Council’s insurers, nothing further to report.

b. To discuss quote from Kaloo for maintaining the outdoor Gym Equipment”:  Maintenance Contract to be agreed

13. 13 To receive the Noticeboard Warden’s report - Nothing to report.

A new noticeboard is required for Wymondham Road, it is possible to purchase the old noticeboard from outside the Church for £50.00.  It needs some repair work, Cllr Kemp is prepared to undertake and he estimates this will cost approx. £20.00.  Due to their close connections with the Church, Cllr Pennell left the room and Cllr Kemp was unable to vote.  Cllr Easton proposed to go ahead with this purchase, this was unanimously agreed.

14. 14 To consider whether there are any assets in Bunwell to go on the Asset Register currently being developed by SNC under the right to buy scheme:

A long discussion was held concerning the assets that could be considered but after much deliberation Cllr Easton proposed that at this time with the information available the Council does not pursue, Cllr Kemp seconded this proposal.  The vote was carried with 7 Councillors voting for, 1 against and 1 abstained.

It was agreed that the Clerk with investigate this scheme further and provide examples of any projects.

15. 15. Highway matters:


a. To agree work for the Highway Rangers:

Trim and clear Greenways Lane

Clearing gutters and kerb and generally tiding around Greenways

Rd near Green Farm

Clerk to send list to Highways Rangers.

b. To discuss the crossing and speed limit opposite the Queens Head – this VAS (vehicle activated sign) is not working it flashes regardless of the speed the vehicle is travelling.  Cllr Pennell to contact Westcotec

c. To discuss the SAM (Speed Awareness Machine) – Proposed sites Bunwell Street, Greenways, Bunwell Street towards Wymondham Road.

Cllr Pennell is waiting to hear if special permission will be granted to operate SAM in a 40 mph limit.

16. 16 Finance

17. 17 To discuss and vote on any new and outstanding planning applications:

a. Previous planning applications:


b. Current planning applications:

18. 18. To receive matters of importance from Councillors:

Cllr Smith – In the past the Parish Councillors have run Surgeries in the Parish Office, he would like to see these running again,  Cllr Easton suggested that a Councillor is available at 7 pm before each monthly Parish Council Meeting, Cllr Smith agreed to be available before the October Meeting after which a rota will be agreed.

Clerk will add to the web-site and put a notice in the Parish Magazine.

Cllr Pennell – Is struggling to get supporting documents for the grant application for the lights by the Church/School, needs support from Bunnies and the School.  Also copies of the Parish Equalities Policy.

Cllr Easton – Thanked Cllr Pennel and Cllr Mrs Harrison for all their work in undertaking the parish administration in the absence of a Clerk.

19. 19 To receive items for the next Agenda – Kaloo Quote for Maintenance Contract of Gym Equipment

20. 20. Date of next meeting:  Monday, 7th October, 2013


Meeting Adjourned at 9.10 pm