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PC Aug 2013 Draft Minutes

Bunwell Parish Council

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting

Held at Bunwell Village Hall

on 5th August 2013 at 8.00 p.m.


1.   Present

Cllr W F. Easton (in the chair)

Cllr P.D. Clarke

Cllr M.H. Dávila-Smith

Cllr R. F. Smith

Cllr R J Kemp

Cllr J W Pennell

Cllr K.J. Womack

Cllr Mrs Denise Harrison



In attendance:


5 Members of the public and the District Councillor

2.   Apologies


3.   Declarations of Interest


4.   Minutes of meeting held on 1st July 2013

The minutes having been circulated were taken as read, agreed as a correct record and signed by the chairman.

5.   Matters arising from the minutes


6.   Adjournment of meeting for members of the public to raise issues of concern

The council was congratulated on having the new crossing signs painted and for getting some tidy up and repairs on the playing field.  However, the resident was concerned that the new dog bins had not been emptied and that the no dog signs were not up on the playing field.  The footpath warden was to be asked if he could erect the signs and the clerk would contact SNC about emptying bins.

The footpaths leading from the back of the school were a bit overgrown and it was agreed that the Parish Council would investigate buying/hiring a mower to cut back these and other paths which could be used by volunteers.

It was reported that the hedge along Church Lane needed cutting back – the farmer would do that shortly.

Another resident stated that he was very concerned about speeding in the Street and it was noted that PCSOs can have speed guns and that the SNC SAM was available for use.  Three more volunteers offered their services.

The same resident said that there was nowhere in the village for people to meet and it would be nice if there was something like a coffee shop where people could socialise.  This could also use local food etc.  Council agreed that this could be mentioned in the magazine to see if there were volunteers and provided a plan was drawn up would consider supporting it but would like to see the project on an official basis.  The RFO would investigate whether the Council could accept these funds and ‘ring fence’ them. 

Another resident raised the issue of the defibrillator again and stated that one had been installed in Tacolneston Village Hall.  He had started raising funds towards it (£75 so far by selling plants).  It was agreed to contact other surrounding villages and see if they would like to join in the project.



7.           District and County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Spratt reported that Speedwatch was also a possibility for catching speeding drivers and that the Tacolneston defibrillator had been installed – without anyone really knowing.

The Portfolio holder for Highways was keen on ‘trails’ – the new name for footpaths – but there was unlikely to be any money forthcoming as the Council had to make a further £184 million cuts in the coming year.

He also reported that the Coltishall project was going well and that the Northern Distributor Road was a priority. 

There was the possibility that a further 5,000 houses would have to be accommodated in South Norfolk.

8.           Correspondence

Correspondence was received from NCC (confirming the grant for the highway improvements), HMRC on real-time PAYE, the RoSPA play area report and a letter from a resident about footpaths.

9.           Tree Warden’s Report

Trees were available from SNC for planting adjacent to highways and anyone with ideas should talk to the tree warden.

10.        Play Area Report

The RoSPA report had not pointed out any major faults with an overall medium to low risk rating.  However, it was pointed out that the gates to the junior play area were still sticking and that the finger traps still existed. 

It was noted that someone had injured herself on one of the pieces of gym equipment.  The insurers would be notified and guidance sought.

11.        Noticeboard Warden’s report

The new key for Bunwell Hill Notice board was being cut – but there was some difficulty in getting this done. 

12.        Trustee Appointment

It was agreed that Mr John Meen be re-appointed as a trustee of the Poor Allotment Charity.

13.        Finance

a)   Current Financial Position : The RFO reported that it was unchanged since the last meeting.

b)   Approval and payment of invoices: It was agreed that the RoSPA invoice of £106.80 for the play area inspection should be paid.  It was noted that the insurers of Tacolneston provided a much cheaper inspection charge.

14.        Planning applications

Council did not object to any of the six retrospective applications for incorporation of agricultural land as part of the gardens of numbers 88 to 96 Bunwell Street.

15.        Community Assets

It was agreed that councillors should think of ideas for this and discuss it at the next meeting.

16.        New Clerk Interviews and Appointment

Some interviews had taken place already with two more to come.  The quality of applicant was very high.  It was agreed that the interviewing panel could make the appointment after the final interviews.

17.        Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 2nd September at 7.30 p.m.in the village hall.

The Meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.