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June 13 DRAFT PC Minutes

Bunwell Parish Council

Minutes of a Parish Council Meeting 

Held at Bunwell Village Hall

on 3rd June 2013 at 7.30 p.m.


1.   Present

Cllr W F. Easton (in the chair)

Cllr P.D. Clarke

Cllr M.H. Dávila-Smith

Cllr R. F. Smith

Cllr R J Kemp

Cllr J W Pennell

Cllr K.J. Womack




In attendance:


Cllr Beverley Spratt - District & County Councillor

12 Members of the public



2.   Apologies

Apologies were accepted from Cllr Mrs D A Harrison and Cllr R.J. Spreadbury.  The tree warden had also sent his apologies

3.   Declarations of Interest

Cllr P D Clarke declared a personal and prejudicial interest in planning application no 2013/0223

4.   Minutes of meeting held on 13th May 2013

The minutes having been circulated were taken as read, agreed as a correct record and signed by the chairman.

5.   Matters arising from the minutes


6.   Adjournment of meeting for members of the public to raise issues of concern

It was reported that the crossing wig-wags were not responding to pedestrians approaching from the Village Hall side.  Clerk to report the issue to Westcotec.

The webmaster of the Village Web site explained the fors and againsts of saving minutes to the website as pdf files.

7.   District and County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Spratt reported that the new County Council was taking time to settle in and in the meanwhile the officers were largely running the council.  In South Norfolk the “your neighbourhood – your decision” consultation was taking place and every one was encouraged to participate.  It was likely that a new market would be opening in Long Stratton.

8.           Correspondence

Correspondence from Norfolk ALC, South Norfolk Council and a resident about the state of Low Common road was received.

9.           Resignation of the Clerk

A letter of resignation had been received from Mrs Sarah Berwick immediately after the last Parish Council Meeting. It was agreed that until a new clerk could be recruited Cllr Pennell who was also an Assistant Clerk, would carry out the duties of the Proper Officer and Cllr Mrs Denise Harrison would carry out the duties of the Responsible Financial Officer.  Adverts would be placed on the Norfolk ALC site and also in the parish magazine.  It was noted that emails had not been handed over and that more documents were due from the Clerk.  It was agreed that a new email address for the Parish Clerk would be obtained which would be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and this would be handed over to the new clerk. 

10.        Footpath Warden’s Report

Cllr Spreadbury had reported that he had received a couple of complaints concerning footpaths being blocked where they cross growing rape crops and had spoken to the landowners. He would check to see if they had complied.  In his written report he also stated that he wold will refit the Notice Board on Bunwell Hill that week and the two Dog Waste bins for Greenways Lane would also be erected this week by a volunteer – Tom Brewster.

11.        Play Area

It was reported that there was still the bare area in the soft fill by the roundabout.  It was agreed that the assistant clerk would look into this and obtain quotes for repairing it.  It was also noted that the RoSPA report was due soon and the council would then look at any other repairs needed.

12.        Noticeboard Warden’s report

Cllr Womack reported that all notice boards seemed in good order apart from the one on the hill which was to be repaired by Cllr Spreadbury.  There was a possibility that the council could be given a notice board for Bunwell Bottom so the decision on this was deferred.

13.        Finance

a)   Current Financial Position: Several bank stateents were missing and there was no cheque book.  In the meanwhile Cllr Mrs Harrison had prepared a statement showing the current financial position. This had been circulated to all councillors and is attached as Appendix one.

b)   Approval and payment of invoices: After discussion it was agreed to pay the following invoices

-      Norse, 6 months Ground Maintenance  750.18  (inc VAT)

-      121 Computers invoice of £488.99 for a laptop and software

c)    Change of Bank – it was agreed that any such decision should be deferred until a new clerk was in place.

14.        Planning applications

d)   2013/0760 | Proposed construction of 3 bed bungalow and detached garage  Sub-division Of The Garden Of The Laburnums The Turnpike Bunwell Norfolk.  Councillors were concerned as to the safety of the entrance on to the Turnpike on a bad bend but agreed to recommend the application subject to the standard lighting clause and the erection of a large house sign visible from both directions for safety reasons

e)   2013/0223 | Erection of building for agricultural equipment and storage | Sunnyside Little Green Bunwell Street Bunwell Norfolk NR16 1SH : Amendment to plan.  Cllr Clarke explained why the change to the plan had been made and then left the room. The council agreed to recommend the application subject to the standard lighting clause.  Cllr Clarke returned to the meeting

f)    2013/0860 : St Michaels Hall Farm Wymondham Road Bunwell Norfolk NR16 1NB Proposed extension and new porch.  Council agreed to recommend the application subject to the standard lighting clause

15.        Parish Emergency Plan

It was agreed that before proceeding the Parish should ask for volunteers via an advert in the parish magazine

16.        On-going matters:

a.    Highways : potholes were reported in Low Common and on the Turnpike.  The clerk was asked to find out what the list of highway ranger jobs were at the moment.

b.    What parishioner’s would like to see in the village: it was agreed to place an advertisement in the parish magazine to ask for ideas.

c.    Green Grant update – still waiting a cheque

d.    There was discussion on communication between the Council and the public including email, website and notice boards and how incoming electronic mail is handled.

17.        Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board

It was reported that a substantial amount of money was available to these boards and that ideas were required from the public as to how it should be used.  There would be a re-selection of community members in the near future.

18.        To receive matters of importance from councillors:


19.        Agenda items for next meeting:


20.                Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 1st July at 7.30 p.m.in the village hall.

The Meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.


Bunwell parish Council


Financial Position


Balance at bank 1/4/13




Cheques written per cheque stub










Norfolk Parish Training - BS





PWLB repayment




Known payments




Known receipts








Anticipated balance




Unpaid invoices


Approved April minutes






S J Berwick








NorLSAR donation




J Pennell PDF writer and post



Approved May minutes






Came & Co ins






SJ Berwick expenses



121 Computers






VAT reclaim to 11/1




Annual return is to be approved by 30/6/13