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January 2013 DRAFT PC minutes




ON 7th January 2013 at 7.30 p.m.


Present: Cllr W Easton, Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr R Kemp, Cllr Mrs D Harrison, Cllr R Smith, clerk Sarah Berwick and five members of the public.



1. Apologies: Cllr Spreadbury has another meeting to attend tonight, his apologies were accepted. The tree warden, David Westrup also sent his apologies. 

2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Easton declared a pecuniary interest in item 14(a). 

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd December 2012: The minutes were agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: There were no matters arising from the minutes.

5. Co-option of councillors: No one has shown an interest in joining the parish council. Another appeal will be placed in the newsletter.

6. Adjournment of the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: Residents had a few questions regarding item 14 (a), it was agreed these could be asked when this item is discussed.

7. District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt was not present.

8. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. NCC-Delivering Local Highway Improvements in Partnership with Town and Parish Councils: This scheme is the same as the match funding that was used to provide the Safer Crossing and trod path extension. The closing date for schemes to be suggested is 30th March. Cllr Pennell suggested the parish council consider the further extension of the trod path to Forncett. Councillors will give this some thought and further discussion will take place at the next meeting.

b. Came & Co Insurance Newsletter: The clerk explained that in this newsletter it recommends that the parish council undertakes weekly inspections of the play equipment/area (which we already do) however a written record must be kept.

c. Police & Crime Commissioners precept proposal meeting (17/1/13): No one wished to attend.

d. Norfolk ALC South Norfolk Vacancy on Executive Committee: Cllr Pennell reported that as he is already on the Executive and only one person from each parish council may be on the committee, it is not possible to nominate someone else.

e. Bunwell Primary School – thanks for St Nicks hamper: This letter, written by one of the children, thanked the parish councillors for the donation of the hamper for their St Nicks event.

f. Norfolk Accident Rescue Service – Request for donation: It was agreed that the parish council already supports various charity groups that support the Emergency Services so on this occasion would not be making a donation.

g. Cllr Kemp queried a letter that was sent from the rector regarding the purchase of a lectern for the church with the remainder of the Jubilee money. It was pointed out that the parish council cannot make a grant to churches therefore this was not possible however there is some money remaining from the Pride of Norfolk which could be utilised to purchase this. Place on next agenda.

9. Report on police and crime issues: The clerk reported that there were five crimes reported in Bunwell in December; three violence against a person; one theft of a motor vehicle and one crime recorded as other.

10. Tree Warden’s Report: Mr Westrup was not present. There is no further information regarding the disease affecting the Ash trees.

11. Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury sent a written report detailing that he has not received any new complaints over the last month. Cllr Spreadbury and Cllr Easton have met and inspected many of the footpaths on FH Eastons land identifying many missing signposts which will be replaced by volunteers shortly.

12. Children’s Play Area Report: Cllr Pennell had nothing to report.

13. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: The spread sheet showing the parish councils current financial position was circulated before the meeting and councillors had no queries.

b. Approval and payment of invoices:

i. Bartlett Signs £109.44 (additional signage for crossing): Cllr Pennell is in receipt of this invoice and stated that this is the incorrect amount. The clerk has requested the invoice; councillors agreed this payment may be made once the invoice has been received by the parish council.

ii. SJ Berwick £65.20: This amount includes stamps, mileage, phone and internet. This was agreed.

14. To consider the following planning applications

Cllr Easton answered a few questions from councillors and public regarding the planning application below. He then left the room. Cllr Dávila-Smith took the chair.

a. Frank Dale Foods – variation of condition 2 to allow 24 hour operating Monday to Saturday and 6am-6pm on Sunday: After some discussion it was agreed to support this application however to point out that any neighbours concerns should be taken into consideration and to include the parish councils lighting clause.

Cllr Easton returned to the meeting.

b. Lockside Lodge, The Turnpike- single storey extension to the rear, alterations to existing roofs, new conservatory, render of existing external brickwork, new entrance porch and various internal alterations: It was agreed to support this application with the parish councils lighting clause.

15. To discuss on going matters:

a. Highway Matters: The potholes are still present between the school and church. A pot hole has appeared by Green Farm near Haylock Close, the clerk will report this.

b. Purchase of grit spreader: Diss Town Council have replied stating that they do not use spreaders but use buckets! The clerk has investigated different types of spreaders which vary in price from £90 to £1000+. It was agreed to go ahead and order the grit bin. Cllr Pennell and Mr Ward will investigate the spreaders further. A budget of £200 was agreed.

c. B1113 Crossing Opening Event: The event was supported by about 40 people including the school council. Everyone was complimentary about the crossing and conversations were held as to how the technology used could be utilised in other parishes. The crossing is now in full working order. The painting of the posts is still outstanding.

d. Safety in the vicinity of the shop: Cllr Pennell reported he has not progressed this any further.

e. Unregistered Land in the Village: It was agreed that this item will not be progressed any further.

16. To receive reports on meetings attended: Nothing to report.

17. To receive matters of importance from councillors:

a. Cllr Pennell reported that the Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board still has money to enhance services from South Norfolk Council and are looking for ideas of how to do this.

b. Residents who have volunteered for the SAM sign have received the paperwork from South Norfolk Council.

c. Cllr Pennell queried if the Fuel Charity that runs in the village could be extended to include more residents other than the elderly. Councillors were unsure whether they should get involved in this. Cllr Pennell will draft a letter for Councillors to agree at the next meeting.

d. The clerk reported that the agenda had not appeared on the website due to problems with the site which Lee Harper is aware of and is working to solve. Cllr Pennell requested that the website is discussed at the next meeting.

18. Agenda items for next meeting: NCC-Delivering Local Highway Improvements in Partnership with Town and Parish Councils and website.

19. Date of Next Meeting: 4th February 2013

The meeting was closed at 8.40pm