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Photo by Dropzone Youth Club

Photo by Lee Harper

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Photo by Lee Harper

Photo by Lee Harper

Photo by Dropzone Youth Club

Photo by Lee Harper

November 2012 PC Minutes




ON 5th November 2012

Present: Cllr W Easton, Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr Pennell, Cllr Kemp, Cllr Harrison, Cllr Spreadbury, Cllr Smith, clerk Sarah Berwick and nine members of the public.


1. To receive apologies: There were no apologies as all councillors were present.

2. To receive declarations of interest: Cllr Easton declared a pecuniary interest item 12 ii. Cllr Pennell and the clerk explained that there is an issue with the Code of Conduct and all the councillors have a pecuniary interest in setting the budget if they reside in the village. Therefore it was proposed by Cllr Easton; seconded by Cllr Kemp and agreed by all that a form was completed by all councillors to requesting dispensation from the council to be allowed to take part in setting the budget. This was be granted by the clerk as proper officer.

3. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 1st October 2012: Cllr Dávila-Smith reported that he has received a request from parishioners to change item 17 to include the comment ‘the numbers on the leaflet and associated wording were read out, the councillor agreed the council were not named on the specific number and it was agreed that there was no need to respond any further on the matter.’ and ‘Cllr Pennell suggested that the parish council should revisit the Neighbourhood Plan when all these feelings have simmered down' to be included in the minutes since they consider this signals a personal agenda to continue pursuing in the future.’ These amendments were agreed and the clerk added them to the minutes that the chairman then signed.

4. To discuss matters arising from the minutes: Cllr Easton reported that he is waiting contact from Mr Costello as to when he wishes to remove the village sign.

5. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern:

a. A resident raised concern about the crossroads at Wymondham Road, Mile Road and Hall Lane. He explained that the crossroad warning signs have disappeared and the road markings have not been replaced following resurfacing. Although this is in Carleton Rode it was agreed that the clerk should report this to Highways.

b. A resident asked for a breakdown of item 12 (ii). The clerk explained that this bill was for rent for the parish office £216.67, lease for the sports hall £25 and peppercorn rent for the playing field £4 and VAT £43.33. The rent of the sports hall will be passed onto the Sports Hall Committee.

6. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt congratulated the parish council on their achievements with the B1113 crossing and trod path. Regarding County Council matters; there will not be any small school closures following the consultation. Council tax is to be frozen again. Today saw the launch of an Old Peoples Support Service. The Highways department has plenty of salt available for the forthcoming winter, Cllr Spratt reminded councillors to check the grit bins in the village. Regarding District Council matters; there are lots of planning applications being received at the moment. The chairman thanked Cllr Sprat for the work he undertakes in the village.

7. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. NPFA/RCC – Opportunities to Develop playing fields & open spaces meeting 19th November Easton College 6.30pm-8.30pm: No one is able to attend.

b. Complaint regarding condition of bottle bank & surrounding area: It was agreed the clerk raises concerns about the state of the recycling area and request more regular emptying as the bins are often full. Clerk to reply to resident and report to South Norfolk Council.

c. M Crouch – Resignation letter: This letter was read out and the contents noted. Bunwell Parish Council therefore has two vacancies now. This will again be advertised in the parish magazine.

d. G Lorne – Concern regarding puddle that forms outside the Post Office area: Mr Lorne’s concerns were noted and the clerk will raise this matter with Highways. It was however pointed out that some of the issue maybe on private land.

e. Norfolk & Suffolk 4x4 Response – request for donation: Cllr Spreadbury proposed that Bunwell Parish Council donates £25 to this volunteer group. This was seconded by Cllr Easton and agreed by all.

f. South Norfolk Council: Mortgage Rescue Scheme; a poster advertising this scheme will be displayed on the notice board.

g. Kick Start Moped Hire: This is a scheme that helps people who are job seekers or on low incomes own a moped. The poster will be placed on the noticeboard.

8. To receive a report on police and crime issues: There have been three crimes recorded in the village during October; a theft of a 4x4 vehicle from Bunwell Street; theft of 500 litres of heating oil from a property on North Road and one crime recorded as other.

9. To receive the Tree Warden’s Report: Mr Westrup reported that he is to attend a meeting of tree wardens on 14th November. The disease of the Ash tree needs to be monitored and any suspected trees need to be reported. More information can be found on the Forestry web site at http://www.forestry.gov.uk/chalara

10. To receive the Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury reported that Highways have now delivered the wooden posts and discs and he will arrange working parties to help install these over the next month or so.

11. To receive the Children’s Play Area Report: Cllr Pennell offered to undertake the inspections until someone else can be found. This will be advertised in the newsletter.

12. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: Cllr Harrison presented the half yearly accounts to the councillors; there were no questions.

b. Approval and payment of invoices: The following cheques were agreed and signed.

i. Mazars £162.00 (External Audit Fee)

ii. FH Easton £289.00 (rental of office/playing field and Sports hall)

iii. SJ Berwick £39.75 (Expenses)

iv. Norfolk & Suffolk 4x4 Response £25 (donation)

13. To consider planning applications

a. 9 Haylock Close, Bunwell; first floor extension over existing kitchen along with associated internal alterations: Councillors recommended that this application is approved but our lighting clause will be added.

14. To discuss on going matters:

a. Highway Matters – including items for Rangers: It was suggest that the rangers look at the potholes at the school; the ditch along Wood Lane is hidden and cars have been passing close to it therefore it was suggested that they look to make the ditch easier to see; Kerbing around the village is getting hidden under mud/vegetation. The clerk was asked to arrange for The Old Turnpike to be swept as the leaves are making the road and pavement slippery.

b. Environmental Meeting: Angus has requested that this meeting is postponed due to internal reorganisation of his company.

c. Jubilee Report – to include discussion on commemorative item to be purchased with surplus funds: Denise ran through the jubilee accounts. There has been an offer of two Hornbeam trees; the jubilee committee will discuss the location of the trees. There was a suggestion of a bench to commemorate the jubilee, the location was discussed and Cllr Pennell suggested that this is also discussed under item 22.

d. B1113 crossing: Cllr Pennell reported that the posts have been reduced in height and will be painted green in due course. The 40MPH flashing warning sign has been re-installed. Some of the timings of the lights have been adjusted. The school is to hold an awareness day to show the children how the crossing works. The opening is scheduled for 6th December at 12pm, Norfolk County Council are to pay for refreshments. The trod path extension has been done however unfortunately residents were not informed of the work before it commenced and caused a few problems, these have however now been sorted. It was asked if the school bus could drop the children on Wood Lane instead of the Turnpike so if the children need to cross the road they could use the new crossing and trod path. It was agreed to monitor and observe this and discuss at the next meeting.

e. Safety in the vicinity of the village shop: Cllr Pennell reported that there had not been any progress on this matter.

f. Report from Tas Valley Neighbourhood Road Safety meeting: The clerk and Cllr Pennell attended the meeting at South Norfolk Council. Various matters were discussed by parish council representatives and concerned residents.

15. To consider the Grounds Maintenance Contract for 2013: The clerk obtained four quotes based on the specification of this year. It was pointed out that the outside of the hall, by the roadside and along the hedge were not included. The clerk will check with the companies that quoted on the cost of adding these areas.

16. To consider setting the budget for 2013/14: It was agreed that a committee of Cllrs Easton, Harrison, Kemp, Pennell and Spreadbury would meet at Cllr Easton’s house on 19th November at 7.30 to formulate a proposal for the full council to consider at the next meeting.

17. To consider speeding in the village: The clerk explained the difference between the SAM system and Speed Watch. It was agreed to progress with the SAM (mobile flashing sign) the clerk will arrange an appeal for volunteers in the village newsletter and website.

18. To receive matters of importance from councillors:

a. Cllr Pennell requested that councillors bring donations for the hamper that the parish council donates to the schools St Nicks night.

b. Cllr Pennell reported the AGM of the Norfolk Association of Local Councils is being held on 8th November 2012. All the Crime Commissioners candidates will be present.

c. Cllr Smith reported he had heard a programme on the radio about Neighbourhood Plans which was interesting.

d. Cllr Spreadbury reported that the noticeboard on Low Common was very tatty. Cllr Easton will speak to the owners to see if the parish Council can replace it.

e. The schools remembrance service is on Friday at 10.45am and the main service at 11am on Sunday.

19. Agenda items for next meeting: Please advise the clerk by 26th November of any items to be included.

20. Date of Next Meeting: 3/12/12

21. To consider closing the meeting to the public and press under the The Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 s2 to discuss a confidential matter (reason to be provided): Cllr Pennell proposed the meeting is closed to discuss a matter of financial and like matters. This was seconded by Cllr Easton and agreed by all councillors; the public left the meeting; Cllr Spratt was asked to remain in the meeting.

22. To discuss unregistered land in the village: Cllr Pennell reported that the piece of land opposite the shop does not appear to be owned by anyone and suggested that the parish council starts to clean up this area and take procession of it. He suggested the area could be used for a seating area with picnic benches etc. Cllr Kemp thought it would be better used as a carpark area for the shop. It was pointed out that there was a main watercourse running through the centre of the piece of land. Cllr Pennell and Easton will investigate how the parish council could go about obtaining this piece of land. It was agree that in principle councillors thought this was a good idea but further investigation on procedures and the cost to clear the land would need to be undertaken.

The meeting was closed at 9.40pm



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