October 2012 DRAFT PC minutes





ON 1st OCTOBER 2012

Present: Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr Pennell, Cllr Harrison, Cllr Spreadbury, Cllr Smith, clerk Sarah Berwick and eleven members of the public.

1. Apologies: Cllrs Easton, Kemp and Crouch sent their apologies which were duly accepted.

2. Declarations of interest: There were no declarations of interests made.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd September: The minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: The clerk confirmed that the agenda for the August meeting was placed on the website on 24th July (7b)

5. Co-option of a new councillor: No one present wished to join the parish council.

6. Public to raise issues of concern: Concerns were raised with regards to the B1113 crossing. It was agreed that the public could raise these when this is discussed later on the agenda.

7. District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt was not present.

8. Correspondence

a. Norse Customer Satisfaction Survey: It was agreed that the clerk replies to this survey. It was pointed out that the play area has not been cut as per the contract. The clerk pointed out that the contract for the Grounds Maintenance is at the end of the five year term. The clerk will endeavour to obtain three quotes for the next meeting.

b. Norfolk RCC Play Equipment Inspection Course (15th October): The clerk explained that she has bought this course to the attention of Cllr Crouch. Cllr Pennell reported that the Playing Fields Association are working towards providing various training and services, these should be announced soon.

c. John Meen: Thanks for mug: Mr Meens thanks were noted. Many people who received mugs have passed on their thanks verbally.

d. Mr Mansfield – Hazel House, Bunwell: This is a request for any minutes referring to the land adjacent to Hazel House. Cllrs confirmed that they cannot recall this land being mentioned before. The clerk will look through the minutes and reply.

e. South Norfolk Council - LDF Site Specific Consultation: It was agreed to comment that the parish council would prefer any development to be low level e.g. bungalows and set back from the road with some green space in front of them.

9. Report on police and crime issues: There have been four crimes in the village; three are recorded as other and one criminal damage.

10. Tree Warden’s Report: The tree warden sent his apologies.

11. Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury thanked the clerk for sorting out a supply of footpath wooden finger posts and discs; they should be delivered to Cllr Spreadbury later this week. Cllr Smith offered to help Cllr Spreadbury to erect the posts. The clerk asked if Cllr Spreadbury could inform NCC where he places the posts for their records.

12. Children’s Play Area Report: Cllr Pennell reported that the wet pour surface is deteriorating by the roundabout.

13. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: All councillors received the copy of the accounts. Cllr Harrison will provide the six monthly accounts at the next meeting.

b. Approval and payment of invoices: The following cheques were agreed and signed:

i. Norse £622.34 (grounds maintenance)

ii. Blue Jet Mapping £120.84 (maps for green grant planning)

iii. Blyth and Wright £20.90 (Perspex for noticeboard)

iv. SJ Berwick (Expenses) £53.70

v. Westcotec £16392 (B1113 crossing)

14. Planning applications: There were no planning applications for consideration.

15. Decisions of Planning Applications from South Norfolk Council: 2012/1008 Horseshoe Cottage, Brick Kiln Lane; Refused contrary to policy HOU14,19 and ENV9 of the South Norfolk Local Plan and Policy 2 of the Joint Core Strategy.

16. On-going matters:

a. Highway Matters: Potholes have been filled in Rectory Road, Hall Road and Low Common. The path by the school is still not done, John will continue to liaise with Highways. Cllr Pennell explained that NCC is still investigating Greenways Lane as reported at the last meeting.

b. B1113 Crossing Update: The installation has been done however Councillors and residents expressed concern over some aspects of the system that are not working correctly, Cllr Pennell is liaising with Westcotec in sorting the issues out. Residents were concerned with the height of the posts and councillors agreed that they should be replaced with the shorter ones as stated on the plans, Cllr Pennell to sort. The poles can be painted either black or green after a few months when the oil has evaporated off the posts. NCC will be responsible for the maintenance and there is a five year warranty on the equipment. There was some discussion if additional wig-wag lights could be installed but it was agreed the system need to be working correctly before amendments are made. Thanks were passed to the residents of the Turnpike who have cleaned the road signs on the B1113 and kept the area looking nice. It was suggested to purchase a gritter to enable residents in this area to grit the footways, this will be considered when the budget is set.

17. Neighbourhood Plan Meeting: This meeting was attended by 127 people, not all residents of Bunwell. Following a presentation from Tim Horspole regarding Neighbourhood Plans and an extensive question and answer session a vote was held as to whether the parish council should continue with a neighbourhood plan; 11 were in favour; 102 against and 1 spoilt paper, the count was verified by two residents and the clerk. The parish council will not continue with the Neighbourhood Plan. There was concern as to where the figures that were quoted on the leaflet that was delivered to all homes regarding the LDF came from. It was agreed that this subject is best left now that a decision regarding the future of the Plan has been made.

18. The Opening of the B1113 Crossing: It was agreed that a small budget could be set aside for refreshments at the opening of the scheme. There has been a lot of interest in the scheme from other parishes.

19. Safety in the vicinity of the village shop: It was agreed that this is an area in the village that needs attention as there are several near misses there each day. It was agreed that Cllr Pennell investigates what could be done in the area to make it safer. Place on next agenda.

20. Renewable Heat Incentive Consultation: Cllr Pennell explained that this is a consultation for domestic and non-domestic schemes for longer term support to householders that install renewable heating. It was agreed that Cllrs Pennell and Spreadbury reply to the consultation on behalf of the parish council.

21. Matters of importance from councillors:

a. Cllr Smith asked about getting a couple of dog mess bins for Greenways Lane. The clerk explained that there are two bins in the parish office however it was agree to wait for the NCC investigations on the lanes’ status is known, Cllr Pennell to liaise.

b. Cllr Harrison reported that Angus Middleton is still willing to come and give a presentation on environmental issues. It was agreed that this should now go ahead, clerk to arrange. It was suggested that neighbouring councils are invited.

c. Mr Dick Costello has offered to paint the village sign, so it may disappear for a short time whilst this is undertaken.

d. Cllr Pennell stated that there are funds left from the Jubilee budget and suggested that councillors think about planting a tree in the village with maybe a bench alongside to commemorate the Jubilee.

22. Agenda items for next meeting: Speeding; Greenways Lane; Budget for 2012/13, Jubilee tree & bench

23. Date of Next Meeting: 5th November 2012

The meeting was closed at 9.10pm