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Draft August 2012 PC Minutes





ON 2nd AUGUST 2012

Present: Cllr W Easton, Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr Pennell, Cllr Kemp, Cllr Harrison, clerk Sarah Berwick.


  1. Apologies: Cllrs Spreadbury and Crouch sent their apologies.

  1. Declarations of interest: Cllr Easton declared a pecuniary interest in item 4(d) and Cllr Pennell declared an interest in item 4(b).

  1. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: There were no members of the public present.

  1. Planning applications

a) 2012/1230 Greenacres Farm, Bunwell Street – conversion of storeroom within stabling barn for use as a teaching room to run short equine courses: Councillors recommend this application is approved.

b) 2012/1267 Valley Farm, Bridge Road – provision of natural light to landing by placement of a window in south facing wall and a sky light in west facing wall. Division of bedroom and placement of door and window in new room. Removal of fireplace and improvement of access to loft space: Councillors recommend this application is approved. To include the parish councils lighting clause.

c) 2012/1291 Grove Farm, Hunts Green, Carleton Rode – Two storey extension to rear joined by glass link with adjacent single storey kitchen with balcony over: Councillors recommended this application for approval subject to no light pollution from the glass link. The parish council would also like to ensure the character of the original cottage is not lost.

d) 2012/1175 Villa Farm, The Turnpike – installation of three micro scale wind turbine (14.97m to hub, 5.5m diameter blades: Councillors recommend this application is approved but limited to three wind turbines.

  1. Urgent matters of importance from councillors:

a) Cllr Pennell informed the parish council of a new grant scheme from South Norfolk Council of £100,000.

b) Cllr Pennell explained that the neighbourhood board has approved the grant to the parish council for the safer crossing of the B1113. They have offered more money however Cllr Pennell explained that the equipment would need to be ordered, an invoice obtained and then South Norfolk Council will pay the money. Cllr Pennell suggested that extra flashing signs could be obtained to enhance they scheme. Councillors were concerned with this and it was agreed that the scheme should not be changed and the original proposal is ordered. It was agreed that when either a letter from South Norfolk Council confirming the grant and when the money will be received or the money is credited to the account then Cllr Pennell may order the equipment. The clerk confirmed that the loan of £10,000 is now in the account.

The meeting was closed at 8.15pm