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Draft June 2012 PC Minutes






ON 11th June 2012

Present: Cllr W Easton, Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr Spreadbury, Cllr M Crouch, clerk Sarah Berwick and eighteen members of the public.

1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Pennell, Cllr Kemp, Cllr Harrison, Cllr Hibberd and tree warden Mr Westrup.

2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Easton declared a prejudicial interest in the LDF Site Specific.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 14th May: Item 5 should read Cllr Pennell not Cllr Easton as a committee member of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee. The minutes were then signed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

a. The jubilee celebrations went well and the mugs should be received by the end of the month.

b. Cllr Crouch queried the length of time that the sports hall had been in operation, it was confirmed that the hall has been open for longer than the three years quoted but had been under private ownership. The current management arrangement and charity status has been in place for about three years.

5. Public Forum: The meeting was suspended to allow members of the public to speak, during which the following items were discussed:

a. A letter was read out from nine residents of Wymondham Road regarding concern of how the parish council was operating, concerns included; communication, Neighbourhood Plan and the spirit of the Localism Bill. The parish council agreed to discuss this letter even though it was not an agenda item (the letter was received after the agenda was set). Residents were concerned that the parish council was not advertising the Neighbourhood Plan meetings well enough or explaining what this committee is trying to achieve. The residents explained that they did not want 80-100 homes over the next fifteen years and would be happy with the proposal from South Norfolk Council of 15. It was suggested that the residents attend the next Neighbourhood Plan meeting to be held in the Sports Hall on 18th June at 7.30, this is a public meeting and everyone is invited to attend. More volunteers are needed to help with the Plan. It was explained that the last two village newsletters have not had a report from the parish council due to holidays and dates of the meetings. It was agreed to place communication on the next agenda for further discussion.

b. A resident expressed concern regarding the effect that the stabling and ‘way of life’ of his neighbours are having on his own family. This is with regards to the retrospective planning application on the agenda item 14(b). He expressed concern over the size of the stable and the fact that there is manure falling from the rear of the stable into the ditch which is causing flies, smell and stagnant water. There is no fencing for the chickens which are regularly running in neighbours gardens and an increase of vermin has been seen.

6. District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt reported that South Norfolk Council is continuing with the LDF Site Specific; it has so far recommended that Wymondham will have 2500 homes, Hethersett 1500 homes, Mulbarton 600 homes, Long Stratton is yet to be confirmed but the proposal is 1800, investigations are underway to see if these homes can be linked to the bypass that is needed. The Neighbourhood Boards are hopeful in being able to rent out speed ‘SAM’ kits to parish councils. There will be another consultation in August during which everyone will have a chance to make representations to South Norfolk Council. In Norfolk County Council there are more cuts to be made in adult and children’s services and a review is being undertaken on senior officers pay.

7. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Mr Peacock, concern regarding footpath at bottom of Brick Kiln Lane: The parish council received a similar complaint regarding the use of motorised vehicles on this lane last year. NCC confirmed at that there is motorised access to about 30 metre before the field where the quad bike is driving to, where it is a footpath. It was agreed that the clerk writes to the resident who is using the quad bike clarifying the situation to them

b. Ms Burns, Bunwell Green Grant Project: It was reported that the Green Grant project is progressing and discussions are being held with South Norfolk Council regarding a planning application. The clerk will reply to Ms Burns.

8. Police and crime issues: Crimes recorded during May are; one burglary from a dwelling, one theft from a motor vehicle and one theft classed as other. Residents were reminded to report all crimes as this is the only way to keep our local police.

9. Tree Warden’s Report: No report. Cllr Dávila-Smith reported that the electric lines on The Street are touching the wires, it was agreed to write to UK Power to ask them to arrange to cut the trees back off the wires.

10. Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury reported that there has been a complaint regarding an overgrown footpath off Brick Kiln Road, this is not being cut by NCC following financial restrictions. Some residents present at the meeting offered to undertake to cut this path to keep it usable The parish council thanked residents for this offer. There is another overgrown footpath, this time though a oil seed rape field, Cllr Spreadbury has spoken to the landowner who explained that it was the first time rape had been grown in this field  and they had not anticipated that it would encroach the footpath so much. The landowner agreed to leave 2 metre as opposed to the required 1 metre path width when planting rape. There is a temporary alternative along a track beside the arboretum wood which leads to the Sports Hall. There has not been any response from NCC regarding the finger posts.

11. Children’s Play Area Report: Cllr Crouch reported that the zip wire safety railing is loose, the clerk has arranged for South Norfolk Council to come and look at it on Wednesday. This equipment was installed through the Play Builder Grant Scheme operated by South Norfolk Council. Cllr Crouch also reported that there was a badly frayed rope on the old box climber, it was suggested that he looks to see who installed the equipment in order a replacement part can be ordered. Cllr Easton will arrange to sort the gate later this week.

12. Committee and Working Party Reports

a. Neighbourhood Plan: Nothing further to report.

b. Sports Hall: Cllr Easton reported that the car park is now finished and there is now a football club using the sports hall on a regular basis.

13. Finance

a. Approval and payment of invoices: The following cheques were agreed and signed:

i. Norfolk RCC £15 (membership)

ii. Norfolk Playing Fields Association £20 (membership)

iii. Norfolk Association of Local Councils £175 (membership)

iv. SJ Berwick £51 (expenses)

v. Norse £622.35 (grounds maintenance)

vi. HM Revenue & Customs £166 (Clerks tax)

b.   Agreement of the annual accounts and report from internal auditor and sign the audit form: The accounts have been received back from the internal auditor. There were no major issues for concern. The clerk will circulate Anne Barnes’ report to all councillors. The audit form was then duly signed.

14. Planning applications

a. 2012/0924Wartsden, The Turnpike; two storey extension, first floor side and rear extension and conservatory: Councillors agreed that this application should be recommended for approval.

b. 2012/0972Bluebell Cottage, Brick Kiln Lane; Retention of existing field/shelter, existing barn, existing aviary and storage shed: Following the neighbours concern raised under item 5(b) of this meeting. Councillors agreed that the stable is very large and maybe not in the best positioning. It was also mentioned that the parish council does not like retrospective planning applications however Cllrs Spreadbury and Easton will visit the site and report to the clerk.

c. 2012/1008Horseshoe Cottage, Brick Kiln Lane; Extension to existing dwelling. Single storey new extension for kitchen, dining, living area, utility room and enclosed porch. Existing part to become 3 bedrooms and a bathroom: Councillors recommended that this application is approved.

15. On going matters:

a. Highway Matters: There were no matters for discussion.

b. B1113 Crossing: The loan has been submitted for approval from the Norfolk Association of Local Councils. Work is continuing with the Neighbourhood Board for the remainder of the funding.

c. Environment Training: It was agreed to defer this training until July. Clerk to contact and arrange.

16. Inspection of Village Hall and Sports Hall Deeds: The deeds were made available for all councillors to see.

17. Neighbourhood Board Meeting report: No report.

18. Who should decide if a claim on insurance should be made for the sports hall (deferred from last meeting): It was agreed that as soon as damage is discovered at the sports hall, the police and the clerk to the parish council are to be advised. If the damage is significantly greater than the excess of the insurance, a claim should be made.

19. Sports Hall – general discussion on matters that concern the parish council as lease holders of the sports hall: Cllr Easton apologised for not completing the written history on the sports hall as discussed at the last meeting. He will provide this for the next meeting.

20. Matters of importance from councillors:

a. Cllr Crouch reported that there is a Village Hall Management Committee meeting on 25th June at 6.45pm

b. Cllr Crouch read out an amended version of the statement for using company and individuals names statement. It was agreed this should be circulated to all councillors and agreed at the next meeting.

21. Agenda items for next meeting: Nothing at the moment. Items to be with the clerk by 22nd June

22. Date of Next Meeting: 2nd July 2012