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April 2012 PC Minutes




ON 2nd April 2012

Present: Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr Spreadbury, Cllr R Kemp, Cllr M Crouch, clerk Sarah Berwick and seven members of the public.

1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Easton, Cllr Harrison and Cllr Hibberd all which were duly accepted. District/County Councillor Spratt also sent his apologies.

2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Pennell declared an interest in items regarding the sports hall.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 5th March 2012: The minutes of the meeting were accepted as a true record and duly signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes:

a. Cllr Crouch read a proposed statement he had prepared regarding the mentioning of individual names/companies in the minutes and parish magazine. It was agreed that this is emailed to all councillors for consideration at the next meeting. Place on next agenda.

b. Cllr Crouch queried why the public were excluded from item 23 on the last agenda for confidentiality reasons when residents are talking about it and it appears on the Bunwell and South Norfolk Website. Cllr Pennell explained that the entry on the SNC website was made after the meeting and did not contain any confidential issues that were discussed at the meeting. It was agreed in future it needs to be made clear which parts of a confidential session are to remain confidential and when the matter under discussion will be made public.

5. Adjournment of the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern:

a. A member of the public asked why the ALPACA group was using Bunwell Sports Hall as a venue. It was explained that South Norfolk Council were looking for a base for the project and the sports hall was offered as a possibility. The resident also asked if there was any truth in the rumour around the village that there would be further units ‘tagged on’ to the sports hall should the project go ahead. It was explained that depending on the success of the project there might be extra rooms built on to the sports hall and possibly an artisan bakery started but all of these developments would require planning permission and so would necessarily come up to the Parish Council.

b. It was requested that the minutes of the meetings are posted earlier than the following meeting. It was agreed that the draft minutes should be posted on the website marked as draft as soon as the clerk can compile them.

6. District and County Councillor’s Report: No report from Cllr Spratt however the clerk reported that South Norfolk Council has today launched ‘My South Norfolk’ on their website. Residents enter their house number and post code and it informs them of information relevant to their property i.e. when their bins are to be collected, planning applications, road works etc.

7. Correspondence

a. Complaint regarding work in village by Anglian Water: The clerk has responded to the resident who complained and copied in the Discipline Engineer at Anglian Water who has also responded to the resident. In a separate letter Mr Peel from Anglian Water has confirmed that they will reinstate all roads and verges once the scheme is completed by the end of April. Cllr Pennell will liaise with Anglian Water and Mr Bygrave of Norfolk County Council Highways to improve the surface of Rectory Road.

b. South Norfolk Council – Shaping services in your area: The clerk circulated a flyer from South Norfolk Council asking residents to vote on their website as to which services are important to them. Voting is open until 16th April.

c. Complaint regarding the recycling area at Bunwell Village Hall: The clerk has been in touch with South Norfolk Council who have arranged for the area to be tidied up. The clerk has responded to the resident who made the complaint, thanking them for bringing this to the parish council’s attention.

8. Report on police and crime issues: The figures for March haven’t been received yet.

9. Tree Warden’s Report: Mr Westrup reported he has attended a meeting for South Norfolk tree wardens where Neighbourhood Planning was discussed and it was agreed at the meeting that it was preferable that trees should not be felled to make room for new development. It was also discussed how difficult it is to get a Tree Preservation Order on a tree and it should be easier.

10. Footpath Warden’s Report: A copy of Cllr Spreadburys report will be filed with these minutes

11. Children’s Play Area Report: Cllr Crouch reported he has inspected the play area and reported that the metal fencing is loose, the surfacing under the swings needs attention and the seats on the swings need careful inspection as they are becoming cracked. Cllr Crouch will clean the play equipment before the Queen Jubilee celebrations.

12. To receive and discuss Committee and Working Party Reports

a. Queens Diamond Jubilee: Cllr Pennell explained the committee is planning a church service followed by a lunch in the village hall (£4.50 per head) and then a ‘street party’ type picnic around the village hall where old films of the Coronation will be shown; there will also be live music on the playing field. Into the evening there will be fireworks with the possibility of a beacon being lit. It was suggested that people who have ‘served the village’ be presented with Bunwell Jubilee mug. Among those suggested were the parish clerk, District/Council Councillor, past chairmen of the parish council who are no longer parish councillors, the head teacher, postmen/ladies and the vicar. Councillors were asked to think of other people that should be included in this list.

b. Neighbourhood Plan: The last meeting was poorly attended, this was discussed and it was agreed to see if the village hall is available for meetings on the third Monday of the month, Cllr Crouch to book. The meetings need to be better advertised, it was thought that Cllr Hibberd was to do this, Cllr Pennell to check with him. A discussion about the length of time that each proposed site was given, it was agreed that each site is individual and requires different consideration. It was also requested that an agenda is set for the meetings and the first item on the next meeting should be to agree a plan and timetable for the group.

c. Bunwell Madness Youth Club: No report; seems to be running well.

d. Sports Hall: The car park gravel is slowly being spread across the site. More help is needed!

e. Drop Zone Youth Club: A successful Bingo night has been held.

13. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: The clerk is currently preparing the end of year.

b. Loans that the parish council has received from residents (historic): Information was circulated to all councillors that explain the loans in more detail. A copy of this document will be filed with these minutes.

c. Information required for end of year accounts: Cllr Harrison has offered to help the clerk prepare this information which will need to be with the internal auditor as soon as possible.

d. Approval and payment of invoices

i. Payment to resident’s loan: This payment is to be made to Cllr Pennell who will forward to the resident involved. The amount is £400. Cllr Pennell confirmed that this completes the repayment of this loan by the resident.  He went on to say that the resident had in fact donated the totality of this loan, by waiving £600, which had paid for the new protectors for the heaters at the sports hall and in paying for the repairs to the heaters which had been rather more than the £400 repayment.  He also reported that this resident had made it clear there would be no further help for the Parish Council.

It was agreed that on the next agenda it needs to be agreed who will decide when an insurance claim is to be made should this situation occur again.

ii. SJ Berwick £42.36 (expenses)

iii. HMRC £61.80 (tax on clerk’ salary)

14. Planning applications

a. 2 Tollgate Farm Barns, The Turnpike - erection of conservatory: Concern was raised regarding external lighting, it was agreed that the Parish Council lighting clause should be added as a condition.

b. Greenacres Farm, Little Green – construction of all-weather riding ménage: Again external lighting was a concern and it was agreed that no lighting should leave the site.

15. On-going matters:

a. Highway Matters: The next Rangers visit to the village is on 23rd May. Councillors were asked to consider items for the next meeting. Cllr Pennell suggested that now the work by Anglian Water is nearing an end the residents with frontage on to The Street near Days garage are asked if they would consider helping with the cost of getting this verge kerbed (they have in the past expressed interest in this). Cllr Pennell to arrange a leaflet to be delivered to relevant houses and find costs from Highways.

b. To consider the provision of dog bins: It was agreed to purchase two dog mess bins for the footpath between Barhams Lane and Greenways. It was agreed that residents that use the lane should be encouraged to help clear the lane, it was suggested that Cllr Hibberd may wish to do this, clerk to contact him and order the bins.

c. To consider undertaking Environmental Training: This item was deferred to the next meeting as Cllr Harrison was not present.

d. LDF Site Specific areas: These will come out for consultation in the summer.

e. B1113 Crossing: A letter has been received today confirming that Norfolk County Council will pay £8660 towards the installation of the proposed crossing. It was agreed that the clerk now completes and sends off the Public Works Loans Board application for £10,000 over five years. Cllr Pennell is to get confirmation from the Neighbourhood Board for the remaining £3,000. Cllr Pennell was congratulated on obtaining the grant from Norfolk County Council.

16. Arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting & Annual Meeting of the Parish Council: The Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on 14th May at 7pm. This will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

17. Village Olympics: Whist it was agreed that it would be a nice idea for Bunwell to enter; councillors did not have the time to organise. It was suggested that Mr Seawood who organises the Santa Fun Run might be interested; Cllr Dávila-Smith will forward the information to him.

18. Annual Report i.e. contents, cost, circulation: It was agreed that Cllr Pennell will write an article on the Neighbourhood Plan for the Annual Report. A report will also be included from the Parish Council Chairman, Footpath Warden, Tree Warden Etc.

19. Meetings attended:

a. Neighbourhood Board: Residents were encouraged to vote as reported in item 7(b).

b. Neighbourhood Planning: Cllrs Crouch and Pennell and the clerk attended this meeting which they found very interesting.

c. County Strategic Partnership: This partnership has now ceased to exist.

20. Matters of importance from councillors

a. Thanks were passed to Mr Gledhill for restoring the phone box on The Turnpike, it looks fabulous.

b. Cllr Crouch requested Cllr Pennell forward all the data collected on the Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire to him.

21. Agenda items for next meeting: To be with the clerk by 6th May 2012

22. Date of Next Meeting – 14th May 2012