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February 2012 PC Minutes




ON 6th FEBRUARY 2012

Present: Cllr W Easton, Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr D Harrison, Cllr M Crouch, Cllr R Kemp, clerk, Sarah Berwick, District/County Councillor Spratt and four members of the public.


1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Spreadbury sent his apologies which were duly accepted.

2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Easton declared a prejudicial interest in item 14 (c) and a personal interest in items 11 & 13 (c). Cllr Pennell declared a personal interest in items 8 (a) & 13 (c) and a prejudicial interest in item 14 (c).

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 9th January 2012: The minutes were agreed as a true record of the meeting and duly signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: The clerk had confirmed with NCC that sandbags are available from the Ketteringham Depot should they be needed.

Adjournment of the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: John Laurie, chairman of Carleton Rode Parish Council and Barbara Slater, Councillor and spokesperson of Carleton Rode Anti-odour Group expressed concern regarding a retrospective planning application made by TEG to expand capacity at the site in Carleton Rode. Residents are regularly plagued with odours so there is concern that the smell will get worse if the input increases by the proposed 30%. The smell has recently changed to a more chemically smell which is hard to describe. Banham Poultry – the predecessor owner of the plant had stated that no smell should leave the site; this has never been  true and residents have regularly reported the smells to the Environment Agency. The planning statement that supports the application states there have not been any complaints concerning odours from residents, again, this is not true. Another area for concern is that the application is yet again retrospective; this has happened with TEG’s planning applications before and makes a mockery of the planning system. It was agreed to write to Norfolk County Council with the parish council’s concerns and copy the letter to TEG and their stakeholders.

5. Co-Option To Fill Vacancies On The Council: There have not been any residents come forward. The clerk will mention the vacancies in the newsletter again.

6. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt reported that South Norfolk Council is still investigating working with NP Law rather than employing their own solicitors/lawyers, this could be in place in April. One director at SNC is leaving and another retiring. The District Council currently has £10 million in reserves. Investigations are being made to see if they can start to collect food waste.  At County Council, the Saddlebow Incinerator situation continues with the possibility of another judicial enquiry however they are hopeful for planning to be in place in June/July time. NCC has received an additional £3.8 million towards the road budget from central government. They have plenty of grit in the county.

7. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Carleton Rode Anti Odour Group -TEG Composting site in Carleton Rode – increase in waste per annum: This was dealt with under public participation earlier in the meeting.

b. SNC Winter Packs for the elderly & vulnerable: It was agreed not to request any of these packs.

c. SNC-additional LDF Sites: Four more sites have been received by South Norfolk Council. It was agreed that these should be considered by the Parish Design Statement Committee.

8. Police And Crime Issues: There were no crimes recorded in the village for January.

9. Tree Warden’s Report: Nothing to report.

10. Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury sent a written report which was circulated to all councillors and will be filed with these minutes.

11. Children’s Play Area Report:

a. Signage: Cllr Pennell explained that the signs are nearing completion. There will be two signs one at the sports hall end of the field and one by the car park/recycling area.

b. Finger trap in gate: Cllr Crouch has looked at this and will try to tighten the bolts on the gate to see if that will solve the problem, if not the gate will have to be removed, cut and welded. Cllr Easton offered to help Cllr Crouch with this.

c. Repairs to surface under the swings: Cllr Crouch confirmed that this needs looking at and will investigate the options available.

d. Play Area Inspection Points: Cllr Crouch has looked through the last RoSPA inspection report. He is to query the report on the new equipment with the manufacturers as the climbing cube has been deemed as a medium risk. There is a swing seat that will need replacing. Cllr Crouch expressed thanks to his predecessor Ben Peacock who had done a lot of work on the play area to ensure it was safe. Councillors also mentioned that Cllr Crouch’s father had also undertaken a lot of work on the area too.

12. Committee and Working Party Reports

a. Parish Design Statement: Cllrs Pennell & Harrison reported that at the last meeting one councillor and two residents resigned from the committee. It was felt that it would help volunteers if meetings were set on a particular evening and an agenda set for each meeting. Cllr Crouch has prepared a page for the website.

b. Youth Club: Cllr Harrison reported that the number of children attending was lower; however they still have a great time and there are plenty of volunteers offering help to supervise the children. Cllr Crouch asked if there was a way that the Youth Club and Drop Zone could work together. It was noted that the groups target a different age of children and meet on different nights, however they will endeavour to liaise with each other more often. It was agreed to add a Drop Zone report to future agendas.

c. Sports Hall: Cllr Pennell reported that he has received an enquiry from an existing football club looking to relocate.

13. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: This was circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting. There were no questions.

b. Approval and payment of invoices: The following payments were agreed and signed:

i. Bunwell Bunnies £250 (grant)

ii. SJ Berwick £46.36 (expenses)

Cllrs Pennell and Easton left the meeting

c. To consider the payment of the invoice for the repair of the heaters for the sports hall (deferred from last meeting): This was discussed at length. Councillors agreed that the parish council should try and claim on the insurance for the repairs and the parish council will cover the excess of £250 however it was mentioned that as the repair has already been done we may not be able to claim on the insurance, if this is the case the parish council will pay £250 towards the cost of the repairs. The clerk will check with the insurance company to see if we can claim.

Cllrs Pennell and Easton re-joined the meeting

14. Planning applications

a. 2012/0060 22 Bunwell Street: Erection of agricultural building: Councillors unanimously agreed that this application should be recommended for approval subject to our lighting clause.

15. On going matters:

a. Highway Matters: The clerk reported that the Highway Rangers are due to visit the village again soon. Jobs suggested were; the levelling of the road by the school/church and filling in the potholes by digging out properly this time; the puddles that form on Church Lane; Wood Lane/Low Common kerbing needs reinstating as the verge and mud are covering them; Greenways ‘roundabout’ needs attention on the edges; Potholes on The Old Turnpike

b. Outside gym equipment update: Cllr Pennell confirmed that the parish council has been awarded a grant of £10,000 for outdoor gym equipment. There was some discussion on where the equipment was to be sited; it was agreed that there was really only one place for it, by the car park of the sports hall so it can be floodlit at night.  It was agreed that the next meeting would decide where they should go.

c. Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations: to include report from meeting at South Norfolk House, mugs etc.: The committee hasn’t met since the last parish council meeting, the next being on 16th February. Cllr Pennell attended a meeting at South Norfolk regarding events for the Diamond Jubilee. There is a fund offering up to £200 to selected events, Cllr Pennell will apply. It was agreed that the decision as to whether to purchase mugs to celebrate the eventwas delegated to this committee.

d. Grit bins: These will be put in place over the next few days.

e. B1113 Crossing update: County Council are now in receipt of the application. Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board has provisionally agreed to contribute £3000 towards the cost of the scheme.

f. Green Grant update: Nothing further to report.

g. Quality submission: The clerk confirmed that Norfolk Association of Local Councils has confirmed that we still meet the electoral mandate criterion  for quality status. The other  criterion the council didn’t meet can be met after the next financial year and annual report.

16. Report on meetings attended:

a. Norfolk Association of Local Councils Coffee & Chat: The clerk and Cllr Pennell attended and agreed it was a good event.

b. South Norfolk Council – LDF: The clerk and Cllr Crouch attended a meeting at South Norfolk Council to launch the latest consultation on the LDF, this time about the Development Management Policies. The meeting was led by Michael Thornton, a planning consultant who told us we would leave with more questions than we came with! South Norfolk Council have produced forty key questions which forms the complete consultation. Parish Councils have been asked to comment on each question. It was unanimously agreed that this consultation should be considered by the Parish Design Statement Committee. At the moment there is a ‘limbo’ period until the adoption of the National Planning Policy Framework which will propably be adopted in March 2013, South Norfolk Council are still using some policies that are 10 years old.

c. Police Authority Meeting: Cllr Pennell reported that Norfolk is statistically the safest county to live in. The new Police and Crime Panel will comprise 10 councillors (including probably the 7 leaders of the second and third tier councils) and 2 independent representatives. The Norfolk Association of Local Councils is lobbying to get more independent representation and someone to represent parish councils on the panel.

17. To receive matters of importance from councillors:

a. The clerk reminded councillors of the planning training next Monday (13th February) at Bunwell Village Hall at 7pm. The clerk will bring tea, coffee and biscuits.

b. Cllr Crouch reported some fly tipping at the recycling area. The clerk will report this to South Norfolk Council Environmental Crime Team.

18. Exclusion Of The Public : as the discussion on the internal auditor would include personal details and payments council agreed on the proposition of the Chairman that the public be excluded.

The members of the public left the meeting


19. Appointment of Internal Auditor and preparation of 2011/12 accounts: It was agreed that the clerk contacts Anne Barnes of Cringleford Parish Council to see if she would undertake our internal audit (she does this for several parishes anyway).

20. Agenda items for next meeting: .  Positioning of outdoor Gym equipment.

21. Date of Next Meeting: 5th March 2012