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January 2012 PC Minutes


Signed: 6th February 2011 Page 1




ON 9th January 2012 at 7.30 p.m.

Present: Cllr J Pennell, Cllr D Harrison, Cllr R Kemp, Cllr R Spreadbury, Cllr M Crouch (from item 8) clerk Sarah Berwick, District/County Councillor Spratt and five members of the public.

1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Easton and Cllr M Dávila-Smith.

2. Declarations of interest: Cllr Pennell declared personal interest in item 13 (e) and a prejudicial interest in item 14 (c).

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 5th December 2011: One amendment was made to item 18 (c) of the minutes, they now read ‘The parish council will consider using part of this money to buy a Jubilee mug for each child in the village’. The minutes were then agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: There were no matters arising from the minutes.

5. Adjournment of the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern:

a) A resident reported that there was significant mud from Banyards Hall to Easton’s on The Turnpike from farm vehicles. There was no sign warning of mud on the road. It also appears that the grass verge has been damaged by farm vehicles; this has already been looked at by Highways.

b) The parish council was asked how much longer the traffic lights would be in the village. Anglian Water is scheduled to complete the work in the village around August time. The road is being dug up again to allow each household to be connected to the new main.

c) A resident asked why the parish council is considering spending more money on the sports hall when the village hall is also in need of funding. It was explained that the parish council is the lease holder of the sports hall. The resident also queried why the parish council/sports hall cannot claim on the insurance. The parish council will discuss this further under item 14 (c).

d) A resident queried what the Neighbourhood Board was and how Bunwell will benefit from the grants available. Cllr Pennell explained the B1113 project and how Bunwell may benefit from some money from the fund.

6. District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt reported that NCC is hopeful that the Government will release the money for the incinerator at Saddlebow later this week. The County Council has £7m less to spend on roads allowing only £2m for new road schemes. Money is however being saved on gritting at the moment. NCC has pledged not to increase their part of the council tax for 2013 too. At South Norfolk Council, Cllr Spratt

Signed: 6th February 2011 Page 2

reported that the Planning Department have now set a new standard for dealing with planning applications which is 10 weeks from submission to decision, this used to be 8 weeks. Concern was also raised in the amount of time it takes for the paperwork to be received by parish councils.

7. Co-option of new councillors to fill vacancies: The clerk reported that Jack le Cornu has resigned from the parish council therefore there are three vacancies. The clerk reported that she has received an email from Michael Crouch expressing an interest to join the parish council. Cllr Pennell proposed that Michael Crouch be co-opted on to the parish council; this was seconded by Cllr Kemp and agreed by all. Michael Crouch joined the councillors and signed his declaration of acceptance of office.

8. Correspondence

a) Norfolk Police Authority – open meeting to discuss police budget 19/1, Jubilee House, Wymondham 6.30pm: Councillors were encouraged to attend this meeting. Cllr Crouch will try to attend.

b) Home Start – request for donation: It was unanimously agreed that a donation will not be made.

c) Norfolk ALC Coffee & Chat event at South Norfolk House – 25/1 10am: Councillors will check their diaries to see if they are available and let the clerk know if they are able to attend.

d) South Norfolk Council – Scheme of Officer Delegation for determining planning applications: This was noted by councillors.

e) Greater Norwich Development Partnership – CIL-Regulation 15 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule; Next steps: The content of this letter was noted and councillors will try to attend the meeting at South Norfolk Council on 23rd January.

f) To consider an offer by Wymondham Lions of trees: Councillors could not think of anywhere that would be appropriate to plant these trees.

9. Police and crime issues: There was one crime recorded in December which was a break in at Lilac Farm, Bunwell Street on 28th December. Bunwell Hill will be closed for 4-weeks in the near future (water mains) PCSO Aslaug Foreman is leaving Long Stratton SNT and going to Diss, she is unsure who is to replace her.

10. Tree Warden’s Report: No report.

11. Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury reported that he is to meet with the NCC footpath officer to replace about 6 missing finger posts in the parish. A resident has raised concern regarding the footpath near North Lodge towards Carleton Rode, there are reports of an electric fence very close to the footpath and a Rottweiler also in close proximity, Cllr Spreadbury will investigate. Cllr Spreadbury has had a meeting with Easton’s regarding the removal of the permissive footpath rights on their land. Easton’s have decided to remove this access for two years to ensure

Signed: 6th February 2011 Page 3

the public cannot assume any footpath rights on the land. Eastons will consider reinstating the permissive rights after two years. Cllr Spreadbury has asked Easton’s to reconsider and liaison will continue.

12. Children’s play area Report

Cllr Crouch agreed to take on the monthly play area inspection and to empty the bins. The clerk will provide him with a copy of the last RoSPA report.

a) Signage: This is still to be done.

b) Repairs to surfacing under the swings: Cllr Crouch will investigate this.

c) Finger trap in gate: Cllr Crouch will look at this as a matter of urgency.

d) Moles: Cllr Easton was not present, so no report on the moles was available.

13. Committee and Working Party Reports

a) Parish Design Statement: Work continues on this, more help is still needed. South Norfolk Council is to include Bunwell in the next round of grant requests to assist with the costs involved in producing the plan.

b) Youth Club: There has not been a Youth Club session since the last meeting due to the Christmas holidays.

c) Sports Hall: Nothing to report.

14. Finance

a) Current Financial Position: All councillors received the up to date accounts. Cllr Harrison agreed to help the clerk with the accounts ready for the end of year and to redesign the account presentation to include assets & liabilities in future. Cllr Kemp requested details of what was included in the Clerk’s monthly expenses of £40 -£50/month. The clerk explained that they included travel, phone, internet, computer/office consumables etc

b) Approval and payment of invoices: The following payment was agreed and signed:

i. SJ Berwick £42.36 (Expenses)

Cllr Pennell left the room

c) To consider paying the invoice for the repair of the heaters for the sports hall: There were several concerns from the councillors. Any VAT saving would only be 5% ie about £25 Councillors also queried why the committee has not claimed on their insurance for the damage (only a £250 excess). To be deferred until the next meeting.

Cllr Pennell re-joined the meeting.

15. Planning applications:

Signed: 6th February 2011 Page 4

a) The Laburnhams, The Turnpike: Sub-division of garden, erection of two bed bungalow and widening of driveway access: It was commented that the neighbours are in support of this application. Councillors recommended that this application is approved subject to Bunwell Parish Council’s lighting clause.

b) Pumping Station, Low Road: Increase height of existing borehole kiosks: Councillors recommended that this application is approved, subject to the parish council’s lighting clause.

16. Ongoing matters:

a) Highway Matters: It was agreed that the path along Bunwell Street (by Days Garage) is in need of repair, the clerk will report to Highways. It was suggested that councillors consider jobs for the Highway Rangers and other Highway matters in the village and bring a list to the next meeting.

b) B1113 Crossing Update: An email was circulated from Mr James providing information from the listed building department. It was agreed that this is just an extract of a letter and it is now up to Norfolk County Council & not the Parish Council, to consider the planning application, the location and siting of the signs.

c) Bunwell Bunnies Donation: The clerk has written to the Bunnies to ask if they would like the parish council to purchase goods instead of a cheque. No reply has been received yet.

d) Green Grant Update: There are four full grants and one half grant to be awarded. Surveys are currently being undertaken and an application should be submitted shortly.

e) Outdoor Gym Update: The application has been sent off and the process will take 30 working days, a decision should therefore be known early February.

f) Quality Submission: Unfortunately our submission has been unsuccessful the points we failed on were the account presentation (see 14a above) & PC meetings not being called correctly. They can be rectified at the end of this financial year and we hopefully can re-apply. Cllr Pennell stated that we no longer qualify as we do not have the electorate, the clerk will check with Norfolk ALC.

g) Grit Bin Installations: The positions have now been agreed by Highways, the clerk is waiting for confirmation as to when they will be filled before arranging for them to be put in place.

h) Diamond Jubilee: Cllr Harrison reported that twelve people attended a meeting to discuss a full day of events. The group are due to meet again in February

17. Matters of importance from councillors: There was nothing further.

18. Agenda items for next meeting: Nothing at the moment.

Signed: 6th February 2011 Page 5

19. Date of Next Meeting: 6th February 2012

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.