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November 2011 PC Minutes





ON 7th NOVEMBER 2011

Present: Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr D Harrison, Cllr K Le Cornu, Cllr R Kemp, Cllr R Spreadbury, clerk Sarah Berwick District/County Councillor Spratt and eight members of the public.

In the absence of the chair and vice chair, Cllr Dávila-Smith was elected to chair this meeting.

The clerk mentioned that unfortunately due to confusion as to who was to place the notices on the boards they have not been put up therefore the parish council would not be able to make any decisions at tonight’s meeting.


1. -size: 12.0pt; mso-bidi-font-size: 14.0pt;">To receive apologies: Apologies were received from Cllrs Easton and Pankhurst, these were duly accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interest: Cllr Pennell declared a personal interest in item 12 (c)

3. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2011: This item was deferred as decisions cannot be made at this meeting.

4. To discuss matters arising from the minutes: A reminder was made for councillors to bring an item/s to be included in a hamper for the raffle at St Nicholas night at the school.

5. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: A resident asked why Church Road was closed as it was not on the original plan for the Anglian Water work in the village. The clerk explained that the parish council had no information on this however it was thought that the closure was needed so the connection to the old and new system could be made. The Rector asked what the parish council had planned for the Queens Diamond Jubilee; this will be discussed under item 16 of the agenda.

6. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt reported that the Trod Path has now been completed. Norfolk County Council has been successful in an appeal into the money they lost in the Iceland Banks; they should receive 95% of the money back. Councillors asked Cllr Spratt why the hedging had been cut at the new Saffron homes, Cllr Spratt explained that as far as he knows it was not meant to be cut and it was not done at instructions from Saffron. The clerk will write to express the parish council’s disappointment and request the hedge is re-instated along with the other planting that should be done. Cllr Spratt raised concern regarding the road surface through the winter of The Street when Anglian Water has completed their work.

7. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board Meeting – 15/11 in Woodton Village Hall 7.00pm: Residents and Councillors were encouraged to attend this meeting.

b. Mr C Haistead – resignation from Parish Council: Due to unforeseen circumstances Carl Haistead has had to resign from the parish council. The clerk will advise South Norfolk Council of the vacancy.

c. Funding for community recycling projects: The funding opportunity was noted but it was felt that the parish council has enough to do at the moment however an appeal in the parish magazine would be made for volunteers to look into the parish taking on its own recycling scheme.

d. Vitalise – request for donation: This item was deferred as decisions cannot be made at this meeting.

8. To receive a report on police and crime issues: There was one crime reported in the village for October; a burglary (non-dwelling).

9. To receive the Tree Warden’s Report: Nothing to report.

10. To receive the Footpath Warden’s Report: Cllr Spreadbury reported that he has spoken to the farmer regarding the path from Banyards Hall to the Sports Hall and this should be sprayed to make the path more defined. Another complaint regarding the cricket equipment in the way of the path from the sports hall has been investigated and it was thought that there is plenty of room to go round the equipment so this is not a problem.

11. To receive the children’s play area Report

a. Signage: The signs have now been ordered.

b. Repairs to surface under the swings: Cllr Pennell apologised that he has not investigated this any further.

c. Finger trap in gate: Cllr Pennell apologised that he has not investigated this any further.

d. Moles: Cllr Easton was not present to update the parish council on this matter.

12. To receive and discuss Committee and Working Party Reports

a. Youth Club: Numbers have been slightly less since the hour has moved but there were still plenty of children in attendance. Over 30 pumpkins were carved for Halloween in one evening!

b. Parish Design Statement: It was agreed that more people are needed to help with this. Another meeting will be held on Monday 14th November.

c. Sports Hall: Unfortunately one of the external heaters has been damaged by bricks/stones being thrown at it.

13. Finance:

a. Current Financial Position: The clerk circulated the accounts to all councillors prior to the meeting. The current balance is £8154.96

b. To form a sub-committee to consider the budget for 2012/13: The current finance subcommittee will meet to discuss the budget to present a proposal to the next full council meeting. The clerk has requested the tax base for Bunwell from South Norfolk Council.

c. To suggest items that the sub-committee should take into consideration when looking at the budget for 2012/13: No further items were suggested.

The following item was deferred as decisions cannot be made at this meeting

d. Approval and payment of invoices

i. Bunwell Village Hall £132.00 (hire of hall for meetings)

ii. FH Easton Ltd £289.00 (rental of parish office, sports hall and playing field)

iii. SJ Berwick £58.24 (expenses)

14. To consider the following planning applications

a. 2011/1663 – Hillcott, Bunwell Hill – two story extension to side and rear of dwelling: There were no objections to this planning application.

15. To discuss on going matters:

a. LDF Site Specific Consultation – consider the parish council’s response: This was a matter for will be discussed in full and decided at the next parish design committee statement meeting next Monday.

b. Highway Matters: The clerk was asked to contact South Norfolk Council to sweep the Old Turnpike.

c. Recycling – do we take it on? This was discussed under item 7(c).

d. BT Phone Box on The Turnpike: The parish council now owns the phone box on The Turnpike. Mr Gledhill reported that he will start work on the restoration of the box as soon as he can.

e. Bus information: This information is now on the website.

f. Trod Path: Feedback from residents regarding the path has been very complimentary.

g. Safer Crossing of the B1113: Cllr Pennell reported that the scheme is now in the hands of Norfolk County Council. Negotiations are continuing with the one resident who has raised objections to the scheme.

h. Green Grant update: 14 applications have been received for this grant.

i. Swan Lane Surgery – problems with repeat prescriptions: Two responses from parish councils have been received; Forncett Parish Council have not received any complaints or reported problems in the collection of prescriptions from the Long Stratton Surgery. The other response was from Wacton Parish Council who included a question regarding prescription collection from the surgery when they recently undertook another Parish Plan, not one resident expressed concern. It was suggested that this matter is deferred until further replies have been received.

j. Quality Council Submission: The clerk showed councillors the completed submission. This will go before the panel at the beginning of December.

16. To consider the Queens Diamond Jubilee plans for the village – any ideas? The Rector explained that she would like to see an event that included all groups and organisations in the village. Possibly a Church Service, street party and firework/bonfire celebration, this should include every age. It was suggested that a committee is set up with representatives from groups around the village. Cllr Harrison agreed to be the parish council representative and will help the vicar set the committee up.

17. Big Lottery Grant – what could we apply for in the village-Sports hall? Outdoor Gym? Any other ideas? There is a grant that we can apply for; Cllr Pennell is undertaking some work on this.

18. Report on Neighbourhood Planning: this item would be considered by, and the response made by, the Parish Design Committee.

19. Community Infrastructure Levy: Charging Structure Consultation: this item would be considered by, and the response made by, the Parish Design Committee.

20. Report on Meetings Attended:

a. Small Schools Consultation: The clerk and Cllr Pennell attended this meeting at Long Stratton High School. This was a ‘working meeting’ and it was thought that the County Council could be looking at closing some small schools in the county.

b. Norfolk Rural Support Network: This meeting looked at challenges that face rural communities.

c. Saffron Housing Event: This event involved a tour around various Saffron schemes in the area. There is another Saffron event at the Assembly Rooms in Norwich on 17th November.

21. To receive matters of importance from councillors: There were no further matters raised

22. Agenda items for next meeting: Nothing at the moment.

23. Date of Next Meeting – 5th December 2011