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October 2011 PC Minutes






ON 3rd OCTOBER 2011

Present: Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr D Harrison, Cllr K Le Cornu, Cllr R Kemp, clerk Sarah Berwick and three members of the public.

In the absence of the chair and vice chair, Cllr Dávila-Smith was elected to chair this meeting.

1. Apologies: Cllrs Easton, Pankhurst and Spreadbury sent their apologies. These were duly accepted. The tree warden also sent his apologies.

2. Declarations of interest: Cllrs Pennell and Harrison declared a personal interest in item 15 (ii).

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 5th September: The minutes having being circulated were agreed as an accurate record of the meeting and duly signed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: Cllr Pennell proposed that the clerk writes to Anglian Water to express thanks for the way they are carrying out the works in the village, neatly and tidily with the minimum of disruption. They also cleared the works away for the Tour of Britain. Clerk to write.

5. Guest Speaker – Mr Keith Mace, New Buckenham Recycling Project: Mr Mace explained that the scheme started in New Buckenham about 20 years ago. They receive recycling credits from Breckland District Council for glass and paper (they received £27 a tonne for glass in 2009/10 and £24.25 a tonne in 2010/11). Mr Mace and one other volunteer collect recycling from residents in the village. They can recycle ALL plastics. They also sell metal and anything else that has a value! It was agreed that the councillors consider what Mr Mace has said and this is discussed in more detail at our next meeting. Mr Mace was thanked for attending. Place on next months agenda.

6. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: Mr James asked for an update on the B1113 crossing – this will be dealt with under item 16 (5)

7. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt explained the Community Infrastructure Levy which will introduce a ‘roof tax’ for new developments. Some developers are trying to beat the implementation of the CIL in April by pushing through planning permission now. The LDF is also having an impact on the influx of new development planning applications at the moment. The Localism Bill will also affect the LDF, although it is not known how at the moment.

8. To receive and discuss Correspondence

i. Norfolk County Council Services in Bunwell: The County Council has asked that the parish council does not publish the figures quoted. Cllr Pennell is to continue to talk to NCC to see what services Bunwell may consider taking on and to ensure that all costs have been taken into consideration in the figures given. We have two ex ‘roadmen’ living in the village who may be able to offer advice. Cllr Pennell will continue to work with Highways on village matters.

ii. Carlton Rode Anti-odour Group: It was agreed that as Bunwell Parish Council has not received any complaints from our residents then we would not write to the Environment Agency to complain. However it was suggested that the contact number for the Environment Agency and contact for the anti-odour group is included in the clerks report in the newsletter.

iii. St Nicholas Night, Bunwell School – raffle/auction prizes: A request has been made by David Blackett’s widow that the councillors resurrect the donation of a hamper to the schools St Nicholas night. All councillors agreed that this was a great idea and will bring items to the December meeting. Cllr Pennell will then arrange them in a hamper and take it to the school.

iv. Yare Valley CAB – request for donation: It was agreed that Bunwell Parish Council should not make a donation however we would encourage residents to volunteer and make them aware that the service is there. It was also suggested that we advertise the community bank at South Norfolk Council.

v. Carleton Rode Baptist Church – Update on redevelopment & request for donation: It was unanimously agreed that Bunwell Parish Council would not donate to a neighbouring village Youth Club when we have two brilliant ones in Bunwell. Clerk to reply to wish them success but could they consider that Bunwell has two that run on alternate Fridays. The Parish Council cannot donate money to any church for fabrication work.

vi. Swan Lane Surgery – reply re repeat prescriptions: It was agreed that this is not acceptable; other doctor’s surgeries accept repeat prescriptions over the phone so Long Stratton should too. Clerk to write to Long Stratton, Wacton, Forncett, Tacolneston, Great Moulton, Aslacton, Tasburgh, Tharston and Flordon parish councils. It was also agreed to raise this at the next Neighbourhood Board meeting. The clerk will also contact Health & Wellbeing Board. Place on next agenda.

vii. Community Infrastructure Levy Information: This information was passed to Cllr Pennell, to then circulate to other councillors. To be discussed at the next meeting.

9. To receive a report on police and crime issues: There was one crime recorded in Bunwell for September of criminal damage.

10. Tree Warden’s Report: David Westrup sent his apologies.

11. To receive the Footpath Warden’s Report: No report.

12. Children’s play area report:

i. No Dogs sign: Cllr Pennell is still investigating the signs as there are limits to size etc. It was agreed that Cllr Pennell can proceed with the signs required including the sports hall sign at a cost no more than £250

ii. Repairs to the surface under the swings: Cllr Pennell is looking into other ways the surface could be repaired.

iii. Finger trap in gate: Cllr Pennell is to look at this next week

iv. Moles: Cllr Easton was not at the meeting and it is unsure if this has been done.

13. To receive and discuss Committee and Working Party Reports:

i. Youth Club: Cllr Harrison reported that more volunteers are needed. The number of children may need to be limited in the winter.

ii. Parish Design Statement: Another meeting needs to be held, data processing is almost complete.

14. Finance

i. Current Financial Position: The clerk apologised for not preparing the figures but she has been busy with the Quality submission.

ii. Approval and payment of invoices: The following cheques were agreed and signed

a) Norse £601.88 – cutting of playing field

b) SJ Berwick £55.36 - expenses

15. To consider the following planning applications

i. Orchard Cottage, 27 Bunwell Street – Proposed front & rear extension: It was unanimously agreed to recommend this application is approved.

ii. 1 The Turnpike – erection of two storey extension to front of dwelling: It was agreed to write to South Norfolk Council to strongly recommend approval and explain that this family do a lot for the village and unless their home is extended then they may be forced to leave.

iii. 14 Bunwell Street – Removal of existing flat roof to rear and new pitched roofs to match existing: It was unanimously agreed to recommend this application is approved.

iv. The clerk reported that the planning committee meeting is to consider the planning application for the eco-friendly motor car design & assembly business on Wednesday (5th). It was agreed that Cllr Pennell attend this meeting to speak in favour of the application.

16. Ongoing matters:

i. Highway Matters: It was agreed that the clerk write to NCC Highways to thank them for the work that has been undertaken in the village over the last few months.

ii. SNC LDF Site Specific Policies & allocations document – to receive recommendation from Parish Design Group: The clerk has arranged to borrow the exhibition from South Norfolk Council so the parish council can hold a consultation with parishioners regarding the areas proposed. The Parish Design Statement working party will also consider the options. The clerk asked for councillors to help her from 6pm on 7th November in the village hall.

iii. How to find bus information: It was agreed that it is impossible to find the times for the buses that serve the village. The clerk will contact Norfolk County Council and ask them to provide the information.

iv. Frames for posters (as discussed at last meeting): The resident has now given all the posters to the school.

v. Safer B1113 Project: It was agreed that a site plan needs to be produced. This will then be discussed with Mr James who is concerned with the positioning of the signs. The trod path has been started and is progressing well. Councillors were asked to give some thought to what we could do for an opening ceremony of the path.

vi. Green Energy Grant: There have been approximately eleven applications which will be processed soon.

vii. Quality Council Submission: The working party has met to discuss this and the clerk is meeting with Sarita from Norfolk ALC to go through the submission.

18. Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: This item was deferred. To be placed on next months agenda.

19. Police & Crime Commissioners update: Cllr Pennell reported that the Police Authority is to be replaced by a democratically elected Police and Crime Commissioner on November 15th next year. The police authority staff will be transferred directly to his office.  There will be a check on the activities of this Commissioner by a Police and Crime Panel comprising ten District and County Councillors.  Current thinking is that they should be the leaders of the councils.  There will only be two independent members in addition.  The police will be a company and the Commissioner will be a company – you cannot sue the commissioner or chief constable directly – only the corporation. 

20. Reports on meetings attended:

i. South Norfolk Alliance: Cllr Pennell reported this was a good meeting. It had been agreed to give £10,000 to each Neighbourhood Board (this money comes from the council tax of second homes in the district).

ii. Norfolk Association of Local Councils AGM: Cllr Pennell & the clerk attended this meeting which they reported was a peculiar meeting. It was agreed to support the resolution from Bawburgh however the one that Bunwell put forward was not supported neither was the one from Denver. Three representatives from South Norfolk were elected; Cllr Pennell, Cllr Hewer from Tasburgh and Cllr Smillie from Bawburgh. Chloe Smith MP gave an interesting talk on the Localism Bill and is very complimentary about Parish Councils.

iii. SLCC Conference: The clerk and Cllr Pennell attended this meeting, a presentation was made on how the Big Society is having an impact on Parish Councils, Nicholas Hancox solicitors explained how the Localism Bill may look to change parish council laws and powers. A presentation on Employment Law detailed that, as of 2012, pension contributions for all employees will become compulsory.

iv. Web Training: The clerk attended this training for Wacton Parish Council and explained that if Bunwell parish council wanted to move away from the current community website then she now has the training to set it up.

v. Norfolk Ambition: Cllr Pennell attended this meeting; there were presentations on Community projects.

vi. Playing Fields Association: Cllr Pennell explained that the PFA and NRCC are to share a secretarial service.

21. To receive matters of importance from councillors: Cllr Le Cornu explained that he may be able to obtain some goods from his work to donate to groups in the village; a resident has raised concern regarding hedging overhanging pavements. 

22. Agenda items for next meeting: To begin to consider the budget for 2012/13

23. Date of Next Meeting – 7th November


The meeting was closed at 9.45pm