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July 11 Minutes




ON 4th July 2011

Present: Cllr W Easton (in the chair), Cllr M Pankhurst, Cllr J Pennell, Cllr D Harrison, Cllr R Spreadbury, Cllr M Dávila-Smith, Cllr K Le Cornu, Cllr R Kemp, clerk Sarah Berwick and five members of the public.


1. To receive apologies: No apologies were received.

2. To receive declarations of interest: Cllr Spreadbury declared a prejudicial interest in item 14 (iv). Cllrs Easton & Pennell declared a personal interest in item 12 (i). Cllr Easton declared a personal interest in item 14 (ii).

3. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 6th June 2011: The minutes were agreed and signed.

4. To discuss matters arising from the minutes: Cllrs Easton, Pennell, Harrison and the clerk have met to begin compiling the Quality Status portfolio.

5. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: A member of the public asked if there could be anything else provided in the evenings/weekends for those who are not retired/school, for example a social club. It was stated that any new club would need volunteers to set up and run. Also the Village Hall was effectively booked solid but that the Sports Hall could be used. Concern was raised as to why the parish council is looking at a new website whilst there is already a Bunwell website in operation.

6. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt encouraged councillors to attend the opening event at the Saffron homes on Bunwell Street on 6th July. Cllr Spratt reported the meeting held with Mr Bygrave (NCC Highway Area Manager) was promising; a passing place or places in Church Road will be formalised, the trod path on the B1113 between the village hall and Banyards Hall would likely be done and the safe crossing over the B1113 was discussed with positive feedback. Cllr Spratt was thanked by the parish council for helping the village with these matters, which may not have possible without his input. A resident who had just taken on the tenancy of one of the new Saffron houses also thanked the Parish Council and particularly Cllr Spratt for all his work on behalf of herself and the residents of Bunwell.

7. To receive and discuss Correspondence

i. Norfolk Search & Rescue – Request for donation: Cllr Pennell proposed that Bunwell Parish Council donates £25; this was seconded by Cllr Pankhurst and unanimously agreed.

ii. Norfolk ALC Summer Picnic and Sustainability event 27/7 12-3pm

Thorpe St Andrew: Cllr Pennell is attending.

iii. Norfolk ALC – Resolutions for debate at AGM 1/9/11: Cllr Pennell proposed that the parish council puts forward the following resolution: ‘Bunwell Parish Council urges the Norfolk ALC to press the Department of Environment, Transport & Development to allow rural Highway Authorities greater flexibility in their selection, placement and use of Road Signs to accord with the rural landscape and the special nature of traffic flows on rural roads’ This was seconded by Cllr Easton and unanimously agreed. The clerk will ask Wacton Parish Council to second the proposal.

iv. Norfolk ALC – Nomination of officers: It was unanimously agreed to nominate Baroness Shephard for President, Shirley Matthews and Chloe Smith MP for Vice President, David Hewer as Hon. Treasurer and Roger Canwell as auditor.

v. SNC/Norfolk ALC Free Initial Training Event for new councillors 14/9 6-8pm: Cllr Le Cornu expressed an interest in attending; the information was passed to him.

vi. Green Community Challenge Event 16/7 12.30-4pm: Cllrs Pankhurst & Spreadbury expressed an interest in attending; the information was passed to them.

vii. BT Phone Box: The parish council is now officially the owners of the phone box on Bunwell Hill. The electricity & phone equipment will be removed by BT over the next five years.

8. To receive a report on police and crime issues: During June there have been four crimes recorded in the village; two criminal damage and two recorded as ‘other’.

9. To receive the Tree Warden’s Report: The tree warden has received a report from the school regarding a dead tree overhanging the school grounds. He has spoken to the landowner who will remove the tree. The tree warden also reported that he has been approached to get a Tree Preservation Order on a tree that a resident could be looking to remove on Church Lane; the ash tree is a perfectly healthy tree. The councillors agreed that they needed to look at the tree before agreeing a TPO should be applied for. Place on next agenda.

10. To receive the Footpath Warden’s Report: Nothing to report.

11. To receive the children’s play area monthly inspection Report

i. No Dog sign: Cllr Easton apologised for not doing this but will endeavour to do so soon.

ii. Replacement safety matting: Cllr Pennell reported that he is trying to contact Adventure Playgrounds as Cllr Haistead has not been able to.

iii. Annual RoSPA inspection: The play area has been graded as a medium risk. The report will be copied and given to Cllr Haistead.

12. To receive and discuss Committee and Working Party Reports

i. Sports hall including Youth Club: More volunteers are needed for helping with the Youth Club as numbers are growing.

ii. Village Design Statement: A meeting has been held of the working party however the localism bill could change the document. There are still some grants available to assist in the preparation and production of the plan. It was agreed that more information on how the White Paper will affect the Village Design Statement is needed. Cllr Pankhurst will investigate.

13. Finance: The following cheques were agreed and signed;

i. Travis Perkins (Concrete) £101.39

ii. Paperstone (printing costs) £153.24

iii. Playsafety Ltd £104.40 (RoSPA play inspection)

iv. SJ Berwick £42.26 (expenses)

v. Norfolk Association of Local Councils £104 (1x conference fee, third of clerks fee for conference, £50 for joint training)

14. To consider the following planning applications

i. Quaker Cottage, Low Common: Rebuild unsafe chimney: It was unanimously agreed that this application should be approved.

ii. Adjacent to Frank Dale Foods, Bunwell Street; New industrial unit to accommodate an eco-friendly motor car design & assembly business: It was agreed that the parish council had no further comments than those made when the application was previously considered.

iii. Incinerator at Saddlebow – letter received regarding planning application: It was unanimously agreed that landfill is no longer a suitable way to dispose of waste. The parish council is in support of the proposal, clerk to write.

Cllr Spreadbury left the meeting

iv. Valley Farm Barn, Bridge Road: Erection of 20 mt lattice support mast with beam antenna at top, two 7mt poles, wire dipole antennas and vertical antenna on mast: Councillors were in full support of the application.

Cllr Spreadbury re-joined the meeting

15. To discuss on going matters:

i. Highway Matters: Nothing further than already reported in the District Councillor’s report except that the kerbing of parts of Bunwell Street and the potholes in Rectory Lane would be reviewed when Anglian Water had installed the new water pipes. It was also reported that the highway rangers would look at the pathway at the end of Bunwell Street opposite Days Garage. Cllr Kemp reported that the pot holes were still present between the school and church.

ii. Meeting with Mr Bygrave (South Area Manager Highways): See report under item 6 and (i) above..

iii. Rangers; review & plan work for the future: It was commented that it would be useful to know when the Rangers would be in the village. The clerk should receive a call the day before they visit.

16. To consider the LDF suggested growth rate for Bunwell: It was agreed to defer this item until the documentation is received.

17. To consider holding an Open Parish Meeting on 8th August: It was agreed that the meeting will be held to give parishioners extra information on leaflets that will be delivered prior to the meeting which will include: Parish Design Statement/Neighbourhood Forum Planning, Pilot Project to fund Air Source Heating in Bunwell (grant from SNC) and the annual report. Cllr Pennell will gather further information.

18. To consider asking NCC for a list of items they spend money on in Bunwell (with a view to undertake - possibly with other parishes): It was unanimously agreed that the clerk writes to NCC Highways to request the information to see if there are any services the parish council would like to take on.

19. Saffron Homes in the village inc invitation to Opening celebration 6/7/11: All residents and councillors are invited to this event.

20. To consider a Parish Council website: Cllr Pennell raised concern regarding the Bunwell website as it carries a copyright statement. Suggestions were made that the parish council should have a .gov.uk address. It was agreed that a working party of Cllrs Pennell and Le Cornu, Mr Lee Harper (current webmaster of www.bunwell.org.uk) and the clerk meet to see how this could work.

21. How to find bus information – can we make it easier? It was agreed to defer this item until the next meeting.

22. Anglian Water – replacement of cast iron water pipes: Work should commence on 1st August and could take up to eight months.

23. To receive reports on meetings attended:

i. Clerks meeting at SNC: The clerk gave a report of the meeting she attended; a copy will be filed with these minutes.

ii. Norfolk ALC/SLCC conference: The clerk gave a report of the meeting she attended; a copy will be filed with these minutes.

iii. Larger Council Meeting – NCC & Equality Policy: Cllr Pennell reported that NCC wishes to work more closely with parish councils.

iv. Reports from Norfolk ALC: Nothing further to report.

v. Replacement for SNAP: Cllr Spratt is the chair for the Tas Valley Neighbourhood Board. Cllr Pennell is also on the Board and District Councillor Florence Ellis is vice chairman. There is approximately £30,000 of grants available from this source.

vi. Norfolk County Strategic Partnership: Cllr Pennell reported that the Leader of the County Council was asking whether there should be a fund for community grants. The general thinking of the NCSP was that it was a good idea; most felt it should be linked to districts and some thought it should be awarded by the public voting on the projects submitted as in the Your Parish – Your decision event of two years ago.

vii. Early Intervention Grant Meeting: Cllr Pennell reported that Norfolk County Council had been awarded close on £1 million to help children in the middle band (the top band already had a a good support network and the lower band were effectively looked after by the DHSS. The grants were to be targeted at the group of young people between 14 and 25 to try to ensure they joined the top group. The likelihood was that the money would be divided up by district and with the SNA money, the NCSP money and this pot, there would be some £300,000 available in South Norfolk.

viii. Norfolk Rural Support Network AGM: Cllr Pennell reported that this group was set up to support farmers through the Foot & Mouth pandemic. They are looking to working with the Norfolk Association of Local Councils.

24. To receive matters of importance from councillors: Councillors had nothing further for discussion.

25. Agenda items for next meeting: Nothing further at the moment.

26. Date of Next Meeting: The next full council meeting is due to be held on 5th September 2011.

The meeting was closed at 9.40pm.