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ON 1st NOVEMBER 2010

Present: Cllr R Kemp (Chair), Cllr A Jarvis, Cllr J W Pennell, Cllr M Pankhurst, Sarah Berwick (clerk), 7 members of the public.

1. To receive apologies: Cllrs Easton, Peacock and Blackett sent their apologies which were accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interest: Cllr Pennell declared a personal interest in item 13 (c). Cllr Jarvis declared a personal interest in item 13 (a).

3. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 4th October: These were agreed and signed.

4. To discuss matters arising from the minutes:

a) Unfortunately we missed the deadline for the People of The Year award.

b) The bulbs are to be planted soon; Cllr Kemp will advise the resident who offered help.

5. To co-opt new councillors: Two candidates have come forward; Mrs Denise Harrison and Graeme Taplin. Both gave a brief profile of themselves and explained why they wished to join the parish council. Cllr Pennell proposed that they were both co-opted onto the parish council, Cllr Jarvis seconded the proposal and all were in agreement. Graeme & Denise joined the other councillors.

6. To sign the new councillors acceptance of office forms: These were signed and Cllrs Harrison & Taplin confirmed they had no declarations of interest in any matter on the agenda.

7. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern:

a) Concern was raised with regards to the possibility of a business being run from Horseshoe Cottage on Brick Kiln Lane, residents have seen lots of dogs there and a website advertising dogs for sale from this address was reported. It seems that they are breeding from this address. The clerk will contact South Norfolk Council.

b) A resident enquired if the parish had a footpath warden. It was confirmed that Bunwell does not currently have one; this will be placed on the agenda for next month. Other wardens such as a litter warden should also be considered.

To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt was not present.

8. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Core Minerals & Waste Strategy Consultation: This document will be circulated for councillors to read and placed on next month’s agenda for discussion. The consultation closing date is 17th December.

9. To receive a report on police and crime issues: There have been two crimes reported in Bunwell over the last month; one a theft of a bicycle which has since been recovered and a theft of a number plate. Seven calls were made to the police; none of these were classed as an emergency.

10. To receive the Tree Warden’s Report: The tree warden asked if the council has thought where the trees that were proposed last month might be placed. This will be placed on the agenda for next month when councillors have had a think.

11. To receive the children’s play area monthly inspection Report, including the ROSPA inspection report: The clerk will circulate the report and will be discussed at the next meeting. Complaints have been received regarding the overflowing of the litter bins; this was also mentioned in the inspection. The clerk will contact Cllr Peacock who should be undertaking this task. If he is not able to continue with this Cllr Pennell offered to do it.

12. To receive updates from the committees:

a. Bunwell Goes Green: including update on B1113 corridor project and Renewable Heat Incentive_ Little had been done with the Bunwell Project but as South Norfolk Council had agreed to give grants of £50,000 towards ‘greener’ housing and a further £15,000 toward green environmental projects in South Norfolk Communities, Cllr Pennell had instigated a project group comprising all the villages along the B1113. The objective was to get a large slice of these grants for the villages. Provided the group which was to meet on Wednesday agreed to go ahead then two (or more) applications would be made but each would need a ‘lead’ parish. It was hoped that Mulbarton would lead on the Housing one as they could get a larger grant and Bunwell would lead on the other. It might be necessary to ask Parishes to contribute funds but this could be discussed when the budget was set – the only other extra expense would be a little bit extra on the Audit fee which was calculated on the overall expenditure of a council. It was agreed that the Council would like to participate in this consortium.

b. Parish Design Statement: (including the LDF site specific proposals): Cllr Pankhurst reported that a meeting was held on 18th October, each committee member was given an area of the village to concentrate on. A public meeting will be held in February 2011 to display the draft document to residents. A plea for old photos of the village was made.

c. Sports & Leisure Committee: The committee is still looking at various heating options available. A new youth club has started on alternative Fridays to the Drop zone. A grant of £1,000 has been received to purchase play equipment for the youth club, this equipment will be available for surrounding villages to borrow, free of charge.

13. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: The clerk reported that the current balance stands at £4955.84.

b. Approval and payment of invoices: The following cheques were agreed and signed:

i. SJ Berwick £58.96 (expenses)

ii. Play Area Inspection Fee £75.20

iii. Bunwell Village Hall £207.00 (hire of hall Jan-Dec 2010)

iv. Mazars £358.38 (external audit fee)

c. To form a subcommittee to consider the precept/budget for 2011/12: Cllrs Easton, Kemp, Pennell, Harrison and the clerk will meet before the next meeting to produce a draft budget for 2011/12.

d. To consider the playing field mowing contract renewal: The parish council is in year 4 of 5 of the contract with Norse. The total of the years contract is £1003.12, some parts of this amount is paid for by the Sports Hall.

14. To consider the following planning applications

a. 78 Bunwell Street, proposed erection of carport on existing double garage: Councillors had no objections to this application. The usual lighting condition will be added to the reply.

15. To discuss on going matters:

a. Renaming of the Parish Council: Cllr Pennell reported that the Essex Parish Council that has changed its name to a village council reports that there is no difference in the perception of what the council does!

b. Utilities Open Meeting 15th November 2010: A lot of interest has been received regarding this meeting. It was agreed to ask each representative to give a brief talk on their particular service in Bunwell and then to answer some questions. Mrs Pennell & Mrs Kemp were volunteered to provide tea, coffee and biscuits.

c. Highway Matters including suggested jobs for the Rangers: The potholes at the school/church shared driveway; the clerk will ask if the Rangers can ‘harden off’ the informal passing places on Church Lane, there is some crushed asphalt/concrete at the Sports Hall that can be used; the hedging mentioned last month is still a problem, maybe the rangers will trim the hedge; the clerk was asked to chase the trod path along the B1113 on the village hall side.

d. Pedestrian Crossing of the B1113: A meeting has been held with interested parties where it was agreed that the best solution would be wigwag lights that can be operated by a button either side of the B1113, they will flash for a set period of time with the words ‘ 20mph advisory limit, pedestrians crossing ahead’ or similar. This was discussed at the SNAP meeting and has been chosen as a priority for the next six months. The District/County Councillor is also very supportive. Councillors were asked to think of a name for the project. Cllr Pennell is to continue to investigate options.

16. To consider moving the grit bin on Barhams Lane: It was unanimously agreed to move the grit bin from Barehams Lane to the junction of The Old Turnpike and the B1113. Cllr Easton has agreed to do this. Once this has been done the clerk will arrange to get the two bins filled.

17. Use of Brick Kiln Lane by vehicles: Cllr Pankhurst asked the clerk to investigate the legal status of this lane regarding vehicular access. To be placed on next agenda.

18. Take it away day: Cllr Pankhurst suggested that the parish council look to hold a day where residents place unwanted items at the end of their drives for other residents to ‘take away’. The parish council agreed that this sounded a good idea. It was suggested that Cllr Pankhurst contacts South Norfolk Council as this type of day has happened elsewhere in the area and they may be able to offer advice. Place on next agenda.

19. To receive reports on meetings attended

a. Play Partnership: Cllr Pennell reported that it is hoped that 75% of grants that were withdrawn earlier this year would be re-instated.

b. SNAP: Cllr Pennell and the clerk attended this meeting; the only villages represented were Tasburgh, Bunwell, Wacton & Forncett. The SNAP meetings are to change format, probably to have regular ‘street briefings’ and then a six monthly ‘mini conference’.

c. NRCC Green Day: Cllr Pennell reported that this was a very informative meeting and included representatives from village halls across Europe.

d. Norfolk Waste Conference: 150 people attended this meeting and it is recommended that councillors attend next year.

e. NCC Highway Open Day: Cllr Pankhurst, Pennell and the clerk attended this meeting which provided a great insight into the way that Highways operate.

f. Norfolk ALC update: Cllr Pennell reported that he has been appointed chairman of the Communications Committee.

20. To receive matters of importance from councillors: No further matters were raised

21. Agenda items for next meeting: Nothing further at the present time.

22. Date of Next Meeting (6/12/2010)

The meeting was closed at 9.25pm