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October 2010




ON 4th OCTOBER 2010

Present: Cllr W Easton (Chairman), Cllr R Kemp, Cllr J W Pennell, Cllr M Pankhurst, Sarah Berwick (clerk), 8 members of the public.

1. To receive apologies: Cllrs Jarvis, Peacock and Blackett sent their apologies which were accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interest: Cllr Easton declared a prejudicial interest in items 13(b), 14 and 12(b)ii

3. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 6th September 2010: These were accepted and signed.

4. To discuss matters arising from the minutes: There were no matters arising from the minutes.

5. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern:

· A resident enquired about the money that the village received from the Pride of Norfolk awards a few years ago to purchase some bulbs. It was explained that this money has not yet been spent as bulbs have been donated to the village from various sources. Many of these have been planted and include crocus, daffodils, narcissi and snowdrops there are more bulbs still to be planted. The resident offered help in planting some more bulbs, Cllr Pennell will advise her when this will be done. The £200 received from The Pride of Norfolk is being held by the parish council, it was suggested that this is used for tree planting in the village.

· It was suggested that the postman and post master are nominated for the Norfolk People of the Year awards. The same postman has delivered the mail in The Street since 1975. It was also felt that Nick, who runs the post office is also nominated therefore it was agreed that Bunwells postal service in general should be proposed. Clerk to arrange.

6. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Spratt is pleased to see progress of the path on The Street. At the planning committee meeting the application from Frank Dale foods was deferred as there were a few matters that needed clarification. Neighbours have queried some chimneys at the rear of the unit, it was mentioned that it is a shame that the residents did not contact the parish council with their concerns. Daniel Cox has resigned as Head of County Council and applications are being received for a successor. Bunwell Parish Council asked if Councillor Spratt could give Mr Cox our best wishes to him for the future.

7. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Letter regarding resignation of Councillor Jarvis: The councillors agreed to ask Cllr Jarvis to reconsider his resignation and continue as a councillor until April when all councillors will stand down. Clerk to write.

b. Invite to Saffron/Flagship Housing event – Future choices 12/11/10: Cllr Pennell and the clerk will attend this meeting

c. Bunwell Primary School; pedestrian crossing over the B1113: Ms Rolph the head teacher of Bunwell School explained that the school would like the parish council and parishioners’ to support a safe crossing of the B1113. After some discussion it was agreed that a meeting with a representative from the parish council, School, Parent & Teacher Association, Governors, Village Hall, Sports Hall and Police is held. Cllr Pennell & Ms Rolph will organise. It was also agreed that Ms Rolph will put an article in the parish magazine.

d. Letter from resident regarding Rectory Lane road condition: A resident is concerned about the condition of Rectory Road. The clerk has copied this letter to County Council Highways and added the support of the parish council to improve the road. The clerk will advise the parishioner of the action taken.

e. Norfolk ALC, Think Green Conference, 10/11/10: Cllr Pankhurst will attend this conference. Cllr Easton will check his diary.

8. To receive a report on police and crime issues: There was one crime recorded in September, the theft of a garden chair, it is thought this was stolen by youths on a ‘dare’ as other residents in Bunwell and Carleton Rode reported youngsters in gardens on the same evening. Seven calls were made to the police, six of these required attendance. PCSO Foreman is working with the school tackling road safety. The next Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting is to be held on 26th October in Tibenham.

9. To receive the Tree Warden’s Report: The tree warden supported the idea of purchasing some trees with the Pride of Norfolk money and would like to be involved in the siting of these.

10. To receive the children’s play area monthly inspection Report: The clerk has spoken to Cllr Peacock and he is checking the play area regularly.

11. To receive Committee and Working Party Reports

a. Bunwell Goes Green: Working Party: Cllr Pennell is still working towards the grant application for the South Norfolk Grant. A meeting between the chairmen of the parish councils to be involved in the B1113 corridor project is to be held soon in The Pelican.

b. Parish Design Statement: Working party: The next meeting is to be held on 18th October.

c. Sports & Leisure Committee: The floor has been painted and the heating system situation is on-going. New booking enquiries have been received.

12. Finance

a. Current Financial Position: The clerk circulated the current balance sheet. The balance in the bank is £5868.02 which includes the second half of the precept which was received at the end of last month.

b. Approval and payment of invoices: The following cheques were agreed and signed.

i. Norse £573.29 (grounds maintenance)

ii. FH Easton Ltd £289.00 (rent of parish office, lease of scout hut and peppercorn rent for playing field)

iii. SJ Berwick £47.23 (Expenses)

13. To consider the following planning applications

a. Valley Farm Barn, Bridge Road; Single storey extension: The applicant addressed the parish council explaining why he wished to extend his home. It was agreed that the parish council is in support of this application. Clerk to reply with the usual lighting clause.

Cllr Easton left the room

b. Frank Dale Foods; variation of planning permission: The parish council supports the changes and notes that in the variation of the original submission Frank Dale have amended the lighting in the yard as per the parish council’s suggestions. Again it was commented that the parish council would have welcomed the parishioners’ who have concerns regarding the application to a meeting to discuss their worries.

Cllr Easton re-joined the meeting

c. North Lodge, Chapel Road; amendment of planning application: the parish council had no comments to make.

Cllr Easton left the meeting

14. To consider the Site Specific Allocations in Bunwell of the LDF: It was agreed that this needs to be discussed at the Parish Design meeting on 18th October. The committee will then report back to the parish council on 1st November.

Cllr Easton re-joined the meeting

15. To discuss on going matters:

a. Renaming of the Parish Council: This idea will be discussed at the open meeting next month. Cllr Pennell has found one parish council who has changed their name to village council in Essex.

b. Utilities Open Meeting 15th November 2010: The clerk has secured the attendance of representatives from all the utilities to the meeting. The meeting will be advertised in the village magazine, the clerk will send an invite out to all surrounding parishes and leaflets will be prepared for a leaflet drop.

c. Highway Matters:

· The hedging on Church Road is still a problem

· A large puddle forms outside the post office

· A large pot hole has appeared by four crossways (this is in Carleton Rode)

· Broken drain covers on The Street are causing concern

· A resident has mentioned that on The Street a pipe that is meant to take the water off the highway is higher than the road so is not working as it should and creating a puddle.

The clerk will report all these items however reminded councillors and residents they are able to report highway problems directly to Norfolk County Council either by telephone or on their website.

d. Affordable Homes being built on Bunwell Street: An update has been received from Peter Ramsdale of Saffron Housing; the contractors are J S Hay. They have completed the site strip, excavation and foundation trenches. Concrete foundations should have been completed last week. The next stage will be brick and block work to damp proof course level. Next will be a beam and block floor. The construction is to be brick and thin joint block work

16. To receive reports on meetings attended

a. Norfolk Association of Local Councils AGM: Cllr Pennell & Pankhurst attended this meeting which was well attended and included some interesting presentations. Bunwell Parish Councils proposal for a loyal address for the Queens Diamond Jubilee was carried and Cllr Pankhurst was asked to explore what to do next.

b. Society of Local Council Clerks Regional Conference: The clerk reported that approximately 60 delegates attended the meeting at the Airport Holiday Inn Hotel, representing 54 councils over the East of England. The meeting began by talking to the other people sitting on each table and various matters that concerned each council was discussed. Richard Walden, SLCC Branch Manager made a presentation on ‘Surviving Difficult Times’ which went onto explore the impact that a capping on the precept could have on councils. The capping will be on excessive increases so will prevent large one off projects being funded through the precept. Then went on to explain how the larger councils present their expenditure to residents i.e. £x.xx per week for grounds maintenance in the village then a true comparison can be made to District & County councils. It was suggested that a committee meets to discuss initial precept then to full council. A brief presentation was given from Kompan regarding the up to date equipment for play equipment, bringing electronics to the play area! Hannah Roberts, Parliamentary Outreach Regional Manager, ‘Getting your voice heard’ explained the role of House of Lords/Commons. Local Councils Heath Check by Debbie Ashton of Nicholas Hancox Solicitors; ran through various new acts that affect councils. The law that affects councils & examples e.g. when a meeting becomes disorderly, prejudicial interests etc. Lucinda Leonard from the RCC gave a presentation on ‘how to make village halls work’ suggesting that the relationship between village halls & parish councils needs more consideration in understanding each other’s rolls etc. A poor Question & Answer session rounded the day up!

c. NCVO Funding Commission Focus Group: Discussions at the meeting included the importance of the voluntary organisations in rural communities. They had not consulted Parish Councils at all.

d. Sustainable Communities Day: This was the first meeting of this kind and was a success. Four workshops were held; putting wildlife on the map, Energy Efficiency, Reducing Waste and grants & funding.

17. To receive matters of importance from councillors:

· The drop zone is continuing to be a success.

· Cllr Kemp asked when the benches and bus stop etc. would be in place on Greenways. Cllr Pennell reported that this is still in hand.

· Cllr Kemp reported that the churchyard at Bunwell Church can now only have single graves (i.e. no double depth graves)

· Graeme Taplin and Denise Harrison have expressed an interest in joining the parish council. This will be placed on the next agenda.

18. Agenda items for next meeting: Pot holes between the church & school

19. Date of Next Meeting – 1/11/10


The meeting was closed at 9.30pm