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ON 10TH MAY 2010 AT 7:30 P.M

Cllr W Easton

Cllr B Peacock

Cllr Jarvis

Cllr M R Pankhurst

Cllr J W Pennell

Cllr R J Kemp

Clerk Sarah Berwick

2 members of public

1. To appoint a Chairman: Cllr Kemp proposed that Cllr Easton continued as Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Peacock and unanimously agreed.

2. To receive the Chairman’s Declaration of Office: This was duly signed.

3. To appoint a Vice Chairman: Cllr Easton proposed that Cllr Kemp continued as vice-chair, this was seconded by Cllr Jarvis and unanimously agreed.

4. To consider the co-option of two councillors: There has still not been any interest in filling the vacancies. The clerk will arrange for a poster to be placed around the village as well as mentioning it again in the village magazine.

5. To receive apologies: Cllr Blackton sent his apologies, which were duly accepted.

6. To receive declarations of interest: Cllrs Easton and Pennell declared an interest in the Sports Hall.

7. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 12th April 2010:These were agreed and duly signed.

  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes: There were no matters arising.

  1. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern: Members of the public raised concern regarding dogs on the playing field.

  1. To receive the District and County councillor’s Report: Cllr Bev Spratt sent his apologies.

  1. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Norfolk ALC – Membership: It was unanimously agreed to renew

this membership.

b. Aon – Insurance policy: It was decided to move the parish council

insurance to Aviva through Brokers Came & Co. It was agreed that Cllrs Easton,

Pennell, Kemp and the clerk would meet to ensure all the areas are covered, as the parish council requires e.g. new playing equipment.

c. Came & Co – Insurance Policy: see above.

d. Nor ALC – various training courses for new councillors/clerks: no one

to attend.

e. Nor ALC – Resolutions for debate at the AGM: It was agreed that councillors consider this it and it is placed on next months agenda. The clerk was asked to check what progress has been made regarding the proposal that the parish council put forward at the last AGM.

f. Nor ALC - Election of Executive Committee Members: It was decided to vote for John Pennell (Bunwell Parish Council) and John Mann (Tasburgh Parish Council).

  1. To receive a report on police and crime issues: One crime has been reported for Bunwell for April, this is recorded as ‘other’.

  1. To receive the Tree Warden’s report: Nothing to report.

  1. To receive the children’s play area monthly inspection Report: The clerk will print and laminate the signs that were agreed by the parish council a few months ago and Cllr Peacock will put them up. Cllr Easton will investigate costs to replace the large No Dogs sign that used to be on the swings. Cllr Peacock is currently producing a new checklist for the play area inspections.

  1. To receive and adopt Committee and Working Party Reports & Minutes

a. Bunwell Goes Green: Cllr Jarvis reported that the parish council has not

been successful in getting the E-on grant. Quotations for the various options

available (as discussed at the last meeting) have been received and need further discussion. Other options for grants need to be investigated.

b. Parish Design Statement: Cllr Pankhurst pointed out that the plan the Parish Design Statement Committee had been producing is not what South Norfolk Council would adopt therefore the committee will reconvene to discus the way forward. The committee will now consist of Cllrs Pankhurst, Easton, Peacock and Pennell.

c. Planning Committee: Nothing to report.

d. Youth committee: Nothing to report.

e. Sports & Leisure Committee: Nothing further to report.

16. To receive reports on meetings attended: Cllr Peacock attended a meeting which should have been about the safety of play equipment however he reported that the meeting was more to do with funding.

  1. Finance

    1. Current Financial Position: The clerk will provide this information shortly.

    1. Approval and payment of invoices: The below checks were agreed and signed:

i. Mrs SJ Berwick – Expenses - £49.22

ii. Norfolk ALC – Membership - £171.05

  1. To consider the following planning applications: none

19.To receive updates on ongoing matters:

    1. Highway matters: A letter has been received from Gary Overland from NCC Highways and he states that the original road closure for The Street was applied for using the description supplied by the applicant, in this instance Mervyn Lambert Plant, a traffic management company employed by Morrisons, who in turn were the main contractor for EDF. Mr Overland agrees that there was obviously some breakdown in communication, and the traffic management company duly erected the closure signs on 15th March. According to the street works Register, Morrisons commenced work on 15th March, albeit unfortunately on this occasion it was not possible for a Street works Inspector to verify this on site, but if this would have been the case they would have contacted Morrisons for an explanation. When considering traffic management, either for NCC or for utility companies, the initial response is to determine if a road is closure is absolutely necessary, regardless if the road is in a rural or urban situation. When considering traffic management for schemes, the primary concern is to ensure that works can be executed safely, not only for the workforce, but also for the safety of pedestrians/drivers and residents. Utility companies will have similar criteria for risk assessments, and as such their approach to traffic management is likely to be the same. On another matter, Mr Overland goes on to explain that although there is a desire for an improved pedestrian route along the B1113. This has been discussed previously at NCC, however in light of the recent petition he will certainly make contact with county councillor, Bev Spratt, to discuss the petition and ultimately the possibility of arranging for a footway assessment to be carried out in this location.

b. Suggestions of work for the Highway Rangers:

· Potholes on Bunwell Hill need attention

· Woodlane unofficial pullins need building up as they are falling into the ditch

· Church Lane pullins need to be made more formal

· The area by the school/church needs attention, including potholes filled and hedging trimmed

· Ditches on Church Road need attention

· Potholes on greenways

· Drains on Rectory Lane need cleaning

c. Horse Manure/Bedding burning: The clerk explained that David Osborne has now left South Norfolk Council and this has been passed onto some one else to look at however they have not as yet investigated the matter further. Cllr Kemp has spoken to the owner of the property thought to be burning this and he was stated he has only once lit a bonfire however his neighbours often have one burning.

d. Play builder Equipment: The safety matting has still not arrived.

e. Bus shelter, bins and benches: A letter has been received regarding the location of the bench, the resident would like a bench positioned between Greenways and the shop/post office. It was agreed that a bench in this position would also be good and will be investigated at a later date. Clerk to reply.

f. Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations: Cllr Pankhurst suggested that the parish council considers a ‘Loyal Address’. This may be a joint venture with other local authorities. He will investigate this further. The guides have expressed an interest to assist in organising an event for the village.

20. To receive matters of importance from councillors: Nothing to report.

21. Agenda items for next meetings: Poor allotment charity trustees, Welcome pack for new residents, Nor ALC resolutions for debate.

22. Date of next meeting 7th June.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9:40pm

Clerk: To advertise the casual vacancies

To meet and discuss insurance

To produce the play area signage

Cllr Pankhurst: To investigate the Loyal Address

Cllr Easton: To meet and discuss insurance

To investigate costs for the no dog signs on the play area

Cllr Peacock: To continue to develop the play area inspection sheet

To erect the play area signage

Cllr Pennell: To meet and discuss insurance

Cllr Kemp: To meet and discuss insurance

All: To consider any resolutions for debate at the Nor ALC AGM