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Bunwell Parish Council

The Parish Council Office, The Old Turnpike, Bunwell, Norwich, NR16 1SN

Chairman : W F Easton,

Tel : 01953 789 334

e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clerk : Mrs Sarah Berwick,

Tel : 01508 531 854

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


30th August 2010


Bunwell Parish Council

Meeting at Bunwell Village Hall

At 7.30 p.m. on 6th September


1. To receive apologies

2. To receive declarations of interest

3. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2010

4. To adopt the minutes of the meeting held on 9th August 2010

5. To discuss matters arising from the minutes

6. To adjourn the meeting for the public to raise issues of concern

7. To receive the District and County Councillor’s Report

8. To receive and discuss Correspondence

a. Norfolk ALC Election Training – attendance

b. Norfolk ALC Initial Training for clerks/Councillors – attendance

c. SNC LDF Site Specific Allocations Consultation

9. To receive a report on police and crime issues

10. To receive the Tree Warden’s Report

11. To receive the children’s play area monthly inspection Report

12. To receive and adopt Committee and Working Party Reports & Minutes

a. Bunwell Goes Green: Working Party

b. Parish Design Statement: Working party

c. Sports & Leisure Committee

13. Finance

a. Current Financial Position

b. Approval and payment of invoices

i. Holbrook £329 for crushed Asphalt

ii. SJ Berwick £47.52 expenses

c. Request from Bunwell PCC for donation towards the upkeep of the churchyard.

14. To consider the following planning applications

a. Land Adjacent to Frank Dale Foods, Bunwell Street; New industrial unit to accommodate an eco-friendly motor car design & assembly business

15. To discuss the renaming of Bunwell Parish Council

16. Utility Supplies in Bunwell and invitation to public meeting in Oct/Nov

17. Highway Matters

a. Entrance to North Road

b. Other highway problems

18. Entry in the village magazine

19. Letter of support to John Laurie

20. Precept Capping

21. Bunwell Web Site

22. Publication of Agendas

23. Attendance to the Norfolk ALC AGM 11/9/10 Narborough Village Hall 10.30am

24. Reports on meetings attended

a. Police Meeting (7/7/10)

b. South Norfolk Alliance (8/7/10­)

c. Discover South Norfolk Day (10/7/10)

d. Play Partnership (13/7/10)

e. Norfolk Playing Fields Assc AGM (15/7/10)

f. Highway Rangers Meeting (4/8/10)

g. Norfolk ALC – Various meetings and events

25. To receive matters of importance from councillors

26. Agenda items for next meeting

27. Date of Next Meeting - October 4th