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Notice to Bunwell Residents




We know you care about where you live


With new legislation called The Localism Act, Parish Planning control can be passed from District to Parish provided the Parish has in place a creditable and acceptable Neighbourhood Plan.


This however is not compulsory, and not necessarily desirable.


Our Parish council has, we are told, been working on this Neighbourhood Plan for some considerable time.


It appears to us that there are some worrying details that are likely to change our village and our peaceful way of life.


DID YOU KNOW that the Parish Council are suggesting 80 houses whereas SNDC are suggesting 15 ?


Read more: Notice to Bunwell Residents

Bunwell Development Plan

South Norfolk Council (SNC) has published its draft development plan for Bunwell.  SNC are seeking to allocate a total of 15 houses split between two sites (see green sites on SNC Maps 1-3 in Neighbourhood Plan, Key Documents) over the next 16 years. Bunwell Parish Council proposes to allocate 75 houses over the same period, the site specifics are yet to be confirmed.

The next meeting of the Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Committee will be in the Village Hall (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF VENUE) from 7.30pm on Monday 16th April. All villagers are most welcome to attend.

Better Broadband in Norfolk

Norfolk County Council have a significant amount of Govt. funding to spend on improving rural broadband. Please register your interest here (you can tick a box to ensure your details are not passed to third parties). For more details please click here.