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Bunwell Post Office

Post Office Limited have made it clear that Bunwell Post Office is staying as it is.

However Nick Crozier, our Sub-Postmaster has pointed out that IF he were to leave his position then the contract for the Bunwell Post Office would cease. There would NOT be any opportunity for community involvement.

Any future Post Office would be a “post office local” and be situated in a convenience shop, and involve the loss of about half of the current post office services.

Nick has run our Post Office for 10 years and has decided NOT to accept an offer of significant compensation to close the office, but to continue to serve our community for many more years.

For our full-service Post Office to remain in Bunwell it is clear that our continued and increasing support and custom is vital.

ZUMBA Fitness

ZUMBA Fitness

Party yourself into shape

at Bunwell Village Hall

Every Monday

Two sessions:

5.15 - 6pm and

6.15 - 7pm

£4.50 - £5 per session

For more information ring 01508 578042, text 07799 012397 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Want Faster Broadband?

Many of us around the Bunwell area suffer from incredibly slow broadband speeds but there looks as though there is now an alternative from WiSpire

WiSpire is a joint venture between the Diocese of Norwich and FreeClix and aims to provide better broadband services to the whole of the county as opposed to the high populated areas. Not only can WiSpire provide broadband via fibre optic and ADSL connections, we also use parish churches across the county as the platform to deliver high speed reliable wireless broadband internet access to local businesses, schools and residents in areas where speed is currently poor.

They state they need at least 25 households interested in the installation of the WiSpire service. Once 25 people have registered, the service can then be installed, activated and rolled out to all registered households!

So what are we waiting for. To help get faster broadband for Bunwell please:-

1. Register your interest at  https://wispire.co.uk/register-interest-form/

2. Share and like this article on facebook to get other people in Bunwell involved

3. E-mail and tell everyone you know in Bunwell