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Village Hall Bookings


Bunwell Village Hall Bookings

You can now check availability of Bunwell Village Hall until the end of 2013 online on this website by selecting “Village Hall” from the Home Page Main Menu.

Once you have checked the availability please either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01953 788892, mobile 07851 433382, and your booking will be confirmed. You cannot use the online system to make a booking yourself.

Will all all regular users of the hall please check their bookings online and contact Carol if any dates or timings shown are not correct and she will alter these for you.

Please also contact her if you have any queries about your booking or using the website calendar.




Bunwell Church Guild

Bunwell Church Guild

The next meeting "Woman's World Day of Prayer" is on March 8 venue to be confirmed.

The April meeting is in Bunwell Village Hall at 2pm on April 3 when our speaker is Moira Gedge who will speak about "Life in a Circus and Beyond".

All meetings are held in Bunwell Village Hall at 2pm unless advised otherwise.

Please see Main Menu, Clubs and Groups for full 2013 programme.


A Green Deal Offer

South Norfolk Council is offering a free Green Deal Assessment to the first 100 applicants in South Norfolk (but there cannot be more than 10 in all from Bunwell).  This is on a first come, first served basis.   This is quite an offer because there is no obligation to proceed further and will cost you nothing except the time to fill out the form and talk to the Assessor when (s)he comes.

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Bunwell Footpaths Working Party

The Parish has an area of about 1000Ha (10 square kilometres) with around 16 kilometres of public roads which in fact is shorter than our extensive footpath/bridleway network which extends for about 18km!  This is our unique heritage which we should value and maintain. Footpaths are public rights of way and should not be blocked or progress of walkers otherwise impeded. Unauthorised removal of footpaths signs is an offence and should be reported to the Parish Council.
The Bunwell Footpath Warden (Parish Councillor Ray Spreadbury) recently did a survey with others of the footpaths in the area. It was found that whilst the footpaths were all “open” many were not signposted and so there was confusion as to the exact route of some paths. In conjunction with this survey, Norfolk County Council were reducing their funding for footpath maintenance and passing some of this responsibility down to Parish Councils.

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