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Broadband Update - March

The Bunwell exchange is now at a status of accepting orders for high speed BT Infinity although this may be a bit misleading as it looks as though not all the surrounding cabinets have yet been upgraded. The rumour is the completion date for the cabinets is 30th June.

You can check if you are connected to the exchange or a cabinet by using the BT Broadband Availability Checker If your the result shows FTTC high speed broadband is available

The location of the cabinets is not published but following some investigation the current status is:-

Read more: Broadband Update - March

Bunwell & Carleton Rode WI

We meet regularly at 2pm in Bunwell Village Hall, and our next two meetings are as follows:

January 15     Sylvia Dowrick - Magnetic Health Jewellery

February 19: Roberet Maidstone - Bees at the bottom of the garden

For full details of the rest of our 2014 schedule please see this website under Clubs and Groups.


The New Bunwell Website

Welcome to the new look Bunwell Website! The site has had a total upgrade to make it up to date, secure, faster and compatible with all your internet surfing devices. All the original content remains on the site and all logins remain the same.

The site is now easier for everyone to use so if you would like to maintain a section for your club or group or would like to contribute article or images then please let us know.

We appreciate any feedback so feel free to post any comments on our facebook page or let me know through the contact page