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Broadband Update September

Things have started to move forward a little. The current status of the installation of Superfast broadband installation on cabinets which serve Bunwell is:-

Exchange - Bunwell Street

There are plans to install a new cabinet next to the exchange to support Superfast broadband current timescales are end of 2015 

Cabinet 1 - The Turnpike

A power issue with the cabinet has caused delays. This is now expected to be available the end of October

Cabinet 3 - Wymondham Rd

Now accepting orders for Superfast broadband

To find which cabinet you are attached to use the Broadband Availability Checker by clicking here

Letter to Bunwell Road Users

Dear Road Users,
You may have seen me in recent weeks walking my young horse up Bunwell Street and around our lanes, trying to get her used to everything she is likely to encounter on our roads – a process that will take many months, probably years.  I try to be as conspicuous as I can – I wear a hi-vis jacket with “Caution – Young Horse” on the back, and on all but the hottest, sunniest days, she wears a hi-vis rug.  I get off the road onto the verge when it isn’t wide enough for a vehicle to pass safely, and I thank drivers for slowing down for us. 

Read more: Letter to Bunwell Road Users

Parish Council Questionnaire

As discussed at the Parish Council Meeting in July, the Councillors’ would like to involve the Bunwell parishioners in prioritising projects in the village, and suggesting alternatives.  The August Parish Magazine contained a questionnaire for completion.  As we know some homes do not have the Parish Magazine delivered please click here to download the Parish Questionnaire or go to the Parish Council, Documents section and return it to Bunwell Stores, the results will be discussed at the October Parish Meeting.