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Bunwell Parish Council – Creation of a Housing & Development Planning Group

Greater Norwich Local Plans (GNLP) 2026 – 2038 & South Norfolk Council Consultation

You may be aware of the GNLP which has a consultation, due to end Monday 16th March 2020 at 17.00hrs. South Norfolk Council (SNC) is working in collaboration with Greater Norwich and Broadland to develop the overall plan but it has been agreed that SNC shall create a Village Clusters Site Allocations document, the subject of a separate consultation later this year.

Village Cluster formations focus on the location of primary schools and parish boundaries to form clusters with adjacent villages, although it is recognised that social sustainability is a wider issue. However, the primary school catchments are seen to offer a good basis for village clusters which is consistent with the Draft GNLP.

SNC is significantly more rural than other parts of the Greater Norwich area and has a much broader spread of rural settlements than Broadland. The GNLP is setting a minimum number of 1200 additional dwellings for SNC village clusters. It is planned that each village/parish shall have a maximum of 3 dwellings but where there is primary school capacity ‘it is reasonable to assume’ that an additional 12 – 20 could apply if suitable sites are available. ‘Where there is some capacity, varying bands of growth have been identified up to a maximum of 50 -60 homes.

We would stress that these figures relate to the period 2026 -2038 and are in addition to housing already allocated up until 2026.

With all of this in mind the Parish Council wishes to create a local group of Bunwell residents not exceeding 8 to 9 members and to include 4 councillors. The objective is to understand better the thoughts and wishes of the village in respect of housing in Bunwell going forward and certainly for the period up until 2038. Also to debate this subject of village clusters. Given Bunwell is virtually surrounded by villages with primary schools, the village may be considered a cluster in its own right with the cluster housing allocations applicable.

If you are interested to be considered for the group please email Phil Gledhill and in less than 100 words give the reasons why you wish to be considered and the contribution you would make in representing the village’s view on this important subject. Closing date Thursday 30th April 2020. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bunwell Parish Council

12th March 2020