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Bunwell Broadband Update

The BT Infinity service which provides high speed internet connection will soon be available. The current status is of the Bunwell exchange is 'Coming Soon' (click here for details) with an estimated date of March 2014. Once the status becomes 'Accepting Orders' the service can be ordered from your preferred supplier.


The below quote from http://www.betterbroadbandnorfolk.co.uk explains the benefits :-

Many premises connected to the new roadside fibre broadband cabinets will be able to receive high speed broadband (24 Megabits per second and above), and we still aim to ensure that 83% of Norfolk premises can receive these speeds by the end of 2015.

How fast your broadband connection will be depends on how far your home or business is from the cabinet. Generally speaking, premises within a 1 kilometre radius of the new cabinet can expect to be able to access speeds in excess of 25Mbps. Premises around 1.5km from the cabinet should be able to receive broadband speeds of around 12Mbps. For customers greater than 2km from the cabinet, broadband speeds could fall to less than 2Mbps.

The location of the cabinets are vital to the connection speed you will get and BT does publish the location of these cabinets. If  you know the location of a cabinet near you let us know and we will publish a map of their location. These will be similar to the one pictured above which is located on the Turnpike near to the junction with Bunwell Street