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Dropzone Youth Club Announcement

Lee and I have been running Dropzone with the assistance from Nigel and Rose since 2006. We decided at the beginning of this year that we would like to step back from running the group although we are willing to continue to help at the sessions from September for a while. We enjoy running the youth club but we are finding it difficult to find the time to organise and run the sessions. PhenQ We spoke to a Youth Worker at South Norfolk District Council early in the year who had secured some funding to appoint a youth worker to run the group for a temporary period, recruit new volunteers, seek grant funding and set up a committee to run it. Unfortunately she left her post before things had gone out to tender and it now seems like this process is having to start again. We are still hopeful that they might be able to get something in place by September though to allow the group to continue and move forward. This term  we have tailored all our activities to what the young people have requested. They wanted to make a rainbow cake and we did it with style!, they wanted to do photography and Jon White kindly joined us with some very flash cameras and we visited the church to take some amazing photos (some published on the Bunwell website), they wanted to try graffiti and my son Kieran came along did a demo, let them have a go and created us a new sign. We also did some big art. This week we are doing manicures as they wanted to have a make up night. I would like to say thanks to all the parents who have helped us at sessions and to all the young people who make every Dropzone  fun and rewarding. I would also like to thank Elliot who has been volunteering with us this year and helping at our sessions. If you are willing to take on any role to support Dropzone in any way please do not hesitate to contact myself or Lee to discuss. We will keep the ‘Bunwell  drop-zone’ facebook page updated with any developments. This is available via the web even if you don’t use facebook. We have the hall booked from Friday 6th September for the new school year. Cate and Lee (Tel 01953 789549)